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Living With Guys – Episode 16

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Theme: Wounded












In the middle of the night Bright woke up to the loud knock rained on her door, she frowns and looks at the wall clock, it says 2:34 am, and her frown deepens. She knows the guys are out on their normal parole and they won’t be back till at least 8 in the morning. She groan and stands up from the bed and goes to open the door.


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“Who the hell is that, waking….” Bright stops right in her tracks on seeing a


bleeding Henry in the arms of bayo and Uche.


“Oh my God what happened to him.” Bright exclaims leading them inside her room.


“He got shot on his shoulder.” Zack says helping Henry lie down on the bed.


“Oh my God his bleeding too, much you have to take him to the hospital.”Bright exclaims, panicking.


“We can’t do that, the police could find us.” Bayo replies her.



“Then what are we supposed to do then, if we don’t take him to the hospital, he will die.” Bright utters getting hysterical.


“We have been trying to call our personal doctor but his line is not connecting which leaves me to the question Bright do you know how to take a bullet out of a human being.”

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“What sort of question is that Zack, of course I don’t, I have no clue on how to do that.”


“Bright, Bright, hey, hey, look at me, you’ve watch a lot of movies right?.”




“And in all those movies a lot of people have gotten shot right.”


“Yes and I don’t see where you’re going with these.”


“Shh, now for the last question, your mum is a nurse right.”


“Well yes she is.”


“Great you’re ready.” Zack concludes patting bright on her shoulder.


“Ready for what.” She asks confused.


“Ready to take out the bullet from Henry’s shoulder.” He replies simply and pushed her next to the bed where Henry is trying not to groan out in pain.


“Why do I have to be the one to remove it.”


“Well because we don’t want to, here’s a scalpel, we will leave the room for you.” Zack says and leads bayo and Uche out of the room.


Seriously, just great, now I have to do a surgery like as if I asked any of them to go and steal. She mutters and breaths out before proceeding to take out the bullet from



Henry and surprisingly she did it. Once she takes the bullet out she cleans the wound up and raps Henry’s shoulder with a white bandage Zack also provided.




Henry stir in his sleep and then opened his eyes, the first thing he noticed was the blue curtains, he realized his room doesn’t have blue curtains neither does his bed scents this nice. He sighs as he remembers the event of last night, he tries to sits up only to be stopped halfway by the excruciating pain in his shoulder, he stares at at the bandage and smiles remembering the way Bright took out the bullet and stitched it up, any other normal person wouldn’t care if he died, but again Bright isn’t a normal person. (chuckle)


She doesn’t deserve to be here, she deserves to be leaving her life back at her own house. He thinks and at that minute Bright comes in holding a tray, on top of it is a bowl.


“Hey, I see your awake.” She says pointedly.


“Yeah I’m awake, what do you have there.” He asks eyes on the tray.


“This is your medicine, something my mum use to cook for me whenever I’m ill.” She says and placed the food on his bed.


“I’m not sick.”


“Yeah but a bullet wound could make you sick, you should have seen the way you were shivering last night. Now be a good boy and open your mouth, okay.”


“There’s no way I’m letting you feed me.” Henry utters.


“Open.” She orders and he frowns at her before opening his mouth wide and she feeds him the medicine.


“God this medicine Is bitter what the hell did you put in it.”


“It’s herbs medicine, it’s not supposed to be sweet, dummy.” Bright says glaring at him and feeds him three more spoon.



Henry watched the way her eyes focused intently on the spoon, the way she blows it softly, and at that moment all he wanted to do was kiss to her. Bright raised her head up and noticed him staring, for some unknown reason she couldn’t tear her gazed away from his dark beautiful eyes that bores into hers.


His gazed travels to her lips and he leans slowly, Bright did nothing to stop him and soon enough his lips claim her’s.


“Bright.” his breath tickles her lips as he moans out her name, Bright groans in reply refusing to think.


He pulls her body close to him as she sits on his lap, his tongue plunge into her her tasty mouth and she moans softly as his tongue traced a tantalizing line across her lower lips, his hands begins to roam further down her back, over her hips… then reality sets in Bright head and she separates from him in a haste.


“Oh God what I’ve I done, why did I kiss you back.” She exclaims and runs out of her bedroom with Henry shouting her name.







Living With Guys


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