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Living With Guys – Episode 15

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“Okay guys this food Is the worst, I know it’s a five class food and all that but it’s nothing like Bright home cooked meal.” Uche complains dropping his spoon.


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“Yeah, you’re right, this food doesn’t just taste right.” Zack says frowning and equally drops his spoon.


“So do you guys wants to go and beg her.” Henry asked irritated by their complains.


“Of course not.” Zack utters.


“Then stop disturbing my ears.” Henry snaps at them.



Bayo walks into the sitting room, humming a song, holding a plate of food in his hand.


“Where did you get that from.” Uche asks on seeing him.


“I got it from Bright.” He answers simply, stuffing his mouth with the delicious spaghetti and beans, Bright gave to him.


“But how is that possible, I thought she’s no longer cooking.” Zack asks surprise.

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“Well why you guys were busy sleeping, she was preparing this.” Bayo answers.


“Okay but why would she give you some of it, when she didn’t give us.”


“Oh that’s because I begged her.” Bayo answers shrugging.


“Bayo how could you do that!!.” Zack and Uche exclaims together.


“Let me think, because I don’t want to eat that food with you guys anymore and besides it’s my begging not your begging Na.”


“Erm can I taste the food.” Uche asks scratching the back of his head nervously.


“Ehn, so na me fit beg but you can’t abi, see if you want some of the food then go and apologize to Bright.” Bayo hissed at him and walked away with uche following him begging for a taste of the food exhibiting such love aroma.


In about few minutes, Uche comes back muttering words that couldn’t be heard. “Guys what are we going to do na, I can’t continue eating this food or, we have to make Bright lose one way or the other.” Uche grumbles settling back in his sit.


“Any suggestions.” Henry asked him.


“If I had any would I’ve asked you guys for a solution.” Uche snaps at him.


“Well I have a solution.” Zack speaks up.


“I’m loving the sound of that go on, I’m listening.” Uche says.


“We are going to cut off her power supply.” Zack says grinning.


“But won’t that cut off the whole house power.” Uche asks.


“No dummy, all we have to do is cut off the wires that supplies her room.” Zack says.


“I love the plan let’s do it already.” Henry says getting up and like the three musketeers they left the dinning room to do their business.




Bright sits on the floor watching forever yours in star life, only for her light to go off all of a sudden. This is weird, nepa doesn’t take light that much here, and if they do, the back up generator should have come on since. I guess I should go inform the guys, she thinks and walks out of her room, only to see light in the hallway, she looks around confuse and goes back to her room only to find out there’s still no light in her room.


“What’s going on.” Bright soliloquize and goes back outside.


“Erm guys there’s something wrong with my light.” She informs the guys.


“Yeah we know that.” Henry replies smirking.


“And how did you know that.” Bright asks suspicious.


“Bescause we did it, yeah we cut off your power.” Uche answers, smirking like the rest of the guys.


“You guys cut off my power.” She asks again to be sure of what she just heard.


“Yeah we did and we are only going to repair it back if you stop this nonsense strike and cook.’ Henry replies in a calm voice.



“Okay there’s no problem, I’ll just go back upstairs to my room, yeah back to my room.” Bright says smiling wickedly and left.


“Should we be scared, like she didn’t cause any drama, nothing at all.” Zack says still staring at the place Bright was standing a few seconds ago.


“Yeah you’re right Zack we should run.” Uche utters standing up.


“I didn’t mean…”


“No I mean it, RUN!!!.” Uche yells out shifting backwards pointing at an angry Bright holding a pestle in hand.


“Bright what are you doing with that.” Henry asks her stuttering.


“You see this thing in my hand, it’s use for pounding fufu, pepper, you know anything that needs pounding and today I’ll use it to pound the three of you.” She says rushing towards them and the guys scatters running away from the insane woman.


“Bright come on keep that thing down, and let’s talk. Come on.” Zack says.


“Oh let’s talk okay I’m ready to talk AFTER I KILL YOU.” She growls like a mad man and runs after them.




“Bright please Biko, we are sorry na.” Uche begs standing on top of the couch.


“Yeah his saying what’s in our mind, we are really sorry.” Zack concurs.


“What about you Henry are you sorry or do you want me to use the pestle and BREAK YOUR HEAD!!.” She growls angrily at him.


“Yeah of course, I’m sorry, really sorry.”


“So are you guys only sorry for cutting my power, are you not sorry for making me watch that boring football with all of you or do I need to use this pestle to make you guys sorry, tell me cause our happily do that.”


“Noooo, you don’t need to do that, we are sorry for that to, even for the ones we haven’t done yet, we are sorry.” Uche begs.


“Yes what of the both you.”


“We are sorry, deeply sorry. We will never force you to watch football with us, never, it’s obvious you’re the boss, you’re in charge, really sorry.” Zack and Henry apologize together.


“So you will go and fix my light, abi.”


“Consider it fix, infact we have already fixed it, isn’t that right Henry, Zack.”


“Yeah, yeah of course.”


“Good, as I’m going back to my room, I better see light in my room.” Bright says and leaves the sitting room.


“Jesus, oh my God, so three of you know how to beg, ha.” Bayo utters laughing seriously on the floor.


“Shut up Bayo.” Henry growls at him.


“Oh na my body you get power abi, no be just now you dey beg Bright, Ha.” Bayo laughs the more and Henry hissed at him walking out of the sitting room, with Zack and Uche trailing behind him.



“I hope you’re going to fix her light oo, because she’s the boss. Ha, .” Bayo yells after them, they didn’t reply him, instead they went and fix the boss light.


Living With Guys



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