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Living With Guys – Episode 14

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Theme: Strike














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“Goal.” Bright yells standing up along side the guys, as Manchester scores another goal against Liverpool.





The guys had practically dragged her out of her bedroom to watch football with them, even though she hates. The guys had seize her TV and then locked her out of her room, and the only way to get them back is to watch the one thing she hates the most.





Though she did retaliate saying she won’t cook, clean the house or do the laundry anymore, that little threat did work on bayo and Uche but Henry and Zack made sure the threat sounds stupid.



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“Guy score this goal na, the ball is right in front of you, kick it, yes, yes, goal!!!!!!” Henry yells standing up, alongside the other guys, Bright frowns and rolls her eyes at them not standing up.





“Madam.” Henry calls eyeing her.





“Goal!!!” Bright yells a little standing up and smiling brightly at him, thinking of different ways to kill them.





“That’s better.” Henry says smiling back.





Ugh I’ll so kill you. She thinks sitting back on the plush couch.





“Chai, this guys are fools, Liverpool dey be waste.” Zack exclaims as the game ended with Manchester scoring four goals and Liverpool scoring 2 goals.





“Oya since the game is over, can I have my room key and my TV back.” Bright asks glaring at Henry.





“Not we that attitude young lady.” Henry replies, mimicking her.





“Please can I have my room key and my TV back.” Bright asks again with a tight-lipped smile.








“Hmm, of course you can have your TV back, here is your key, bayo pleased give her, TV.” Henry says and hands over her room key to her and Bright follows bayo and takes her TV from him.










The next morning bayo wakes up and goes downstairs, he meets Bright eating a bowl of cornflakes, he stares at her confused, on a normal day, whenever he comes downstairs he would meet her in the kitchen preparing breakfast but today isn’t a normal day, it’s payback day.





Bayo stares at her and Bright ignores his look eating from a delicious bowl of cornflakes, bayo looks at her one more time before going to the kitchen, he noticed the gas wasn’t on neither was there a pot on top of it.





Why hasn’t she cooked anything yet. Bayo wonders, and heads back to the sitting room.





“Bright you haven’t cooked breakfast yet.” Bayo says looking at her confused.





“I know.” She answers simply staring at the TV intently not sparing him a look.





“I don’t understand, won’t you cook, this already 8:25.”





“I’m not cooking today.” She answers simply still not looking at him.





“Ah, but why na.” Bayo exclaims.





“I’m on strike.”





“Strike, what do you mean by you’re on strike.” Bayo asked shocked.





“It means I will not do anything today, I’ll not sweep the house, or do you guys laundry and lastly, I won’t cook.”





“But why na, what sort of joke is this na.”








“Do I look like a comedian, no look my face very well and tell me if I look look like a comedian, see you better go and tell the rest that I’m on strike and the only way to stop the strike is if you all apologize for forcing me to watch that stupid ball with you guys.”





Ehh, see wetin Henry don cause, I told them not to disturb her oo, what kind of thing is this na. Bayo thinks walking out of the sitting room.










“Guys we have a problem.” Bayo grumbles, walking into the gym.





“What’s the problem.” Henry frowns looking at bayo.





“Bright is on strike.” Bayo says and Zack stops the threadmill and looks at bayo.





“What do you mean, she’s on strike.” He asks.





“Exactly what it meant, she’s not going to cook, you know do anything in the house.”





“That’s funny, she can’t do that.” Uche says drinking from his bottle of water.





“Well she’s already doing that.”





“Wait a minute, what’s the reason behind this strike.” Henry asks plopping down on the floor.





“Let’s me see bescause you fu.cking made her to sit through a match she considers boring.” Bayo yells frowning at him.





“Guy calm down, have you forgotten she stocks the fridge with a lot of soup, there’s even rice in there, we’ll just eat from there.” Henry says.





“How did I not think of that.” Bayo exclaims standing up and he walks out of the gym with Henry, Zack and Uche trailing behind him.








They all walked into the kitchen and bayo heads over to the fridge and tries to open it only to find out it’s locked.





“Looking for this.” Bright asks leaning on the kitchen door, smiling smugly at them, shaking the fridge key.





“Bright what’s the meaning of these.” Henry asked, eyeing her.





“What do you think it is.” She questions back.





“Bright give me the key to the fridge.” Henry says calmly.





“No I won’t, I’m on strike remember.”





“Bright just give me the key, I’m not in the mood for this your craziness, okay I just finished in the gym and I’m hungry and tired.”





“How is that my business, you guys are only eating, if you say sorry.”





“I’m not doing that, never.” Henry says and walks over to Bright trying to take the key, only for her to take a mopping stick that’s behind her and used it to wipe him.





“Ouch Bright, what’s wrong with you.” Henry yells annoyed, touching his hand.





“Try that again and it will be your dick I’ll hit this time, now like I said I’m on strike, so bye bye guys, see you whenever you decide to say sorry, bye.” She says cheerfully and left the kitchen.





“Remind me again why she’s in our life, troubling us, I feel like we are the hostage here.” Zack utters still shocked by Bright display of power.





“She’s the boss here guys, she’s the boss.” Uche says sadly.





“We are doomed, my stomach is doomed.” Bayo exclaims.

















Living With Guys





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