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Life In Roody Woods – Episode 8

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Chapter 8




I opened my eyes due to that ray of the sun on my face. I felt my head was on a something soft and I checked it out.


It was Betty’s b**bs, I slept right on her yesterday. I closed my eyes to remember what happened and I remembered vividly what happened.


I raised my body so as to reduce my weight on her. She was still very fast asleep and she didn’t even know.

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I stared at her b**bs blankly, they were moderate and beautiful. She had a very pink pointed nipple, and I felt like placing them between my lips.


I moved my hands slowly to her and placed it slightly right on her nipples. She moved slightly and I was forced to stop.


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I watched her and I saw she went back to sleep. I held her b**bs again trailing my fingers over her nipples.



I saw her breathing go intense and it felt like I shouldn’t stop what I was doing. I moved my hands down her named and beautiful belly button.


She turned and opened her eyes slightly, I stopped what I was doing and looked away quickly. (Join Group) More stories @ “I caught you.” She said pulling me to lay on her again.


“Thank you for yesterday.” I said trying not to grab her boobs which was tight beside my eyes.


“I couldn’t leave you that way, and I actually enjoyed it too.” She said.

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I stared at her b**bs speechlessly and my hands moved to it before I could even think. I took her b**bs in my hands and I heard her gasp.


I raised my head to look at her and I saw her mouth open slightly as she stared at me. I raised up my body placing my hand on the bed for support.


She moved her hands slowly to my abs tracing her finger on it. I lowered my head to meet hers and took her lower lip between my teeth pulling it slightly.

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Her breathing increased and she wrapped her hands around my neck pulling me closer to her. I deepened the kiss breathing hard in her mouth.


I turned her to sit on my d**k and she bent to meet my lips again. I moved my hand to her butts moving my hand all over it.


She kept grinding herself on me and my d**k kept threatening to burst my trousers.


She moved her hands to my trousers zipper, zipping it down exposing my short with a bulge in it.


I reached for the button on her trousers too and loosened it. She pulled my trousers down in haste and I also pulled her down in haste.


She sat right on my rod and I felt her wet self on me. She was so juicy and tight, tho not the virgin tight.


She bent to kiss me again and she started moving up and down slowly. She began to moan and I couldn’t help but moan.


She increased her pace and started to bounce very fast, she moaned aloud and her butts kept clapping as she did.


“Arrrghh!” I groaned, she threw her head backwards still riding my c**k. I reached for her b**bs pressing them really hard.


I enjoyed every bit of what she did. I didn’t even do any of the stress, her waist was extremely fragile.


I felt my balls tighten and I knew I was close to cumin. She also looked like she was going to cum too.


“Ahh!” We both yelled as we came. She fell on touch of me breathing very hard.


“That was amazing.” She said still breathing hard.


“Yes, wasn’t expecting that.” I said trying to stabilize my breathing.


“Guys that is enough noise, time to move.” We heard Tessy say behind the door.


I looked at Betty, and she looked away shyly.


“Let’s prepare to move.” I said as she rolled off me.







We walked under the scorching sun feeling very tired.


“This isn’t heading anywhere.” Tessy said tiredly.


Steven was in the middle of Tessy and Betty, they helped him move and that alone was very enough to slow them down.


“I need water.” Steven said looking like he was dizzy.


“Okay.” They said laying his on the ground. They gave him some water while I sat on the ground to rest.


“Please let’s rest a little.” Steven said breathing heavily.


“Yes, I am so tired.” Betty said laying flat on the grass.


We all laid down flat under the sheds trying to breath well, when I heard something that sounded very familiar.


I sat up immediately and Betty did the same.


“Did you hear that?” I asked looking around the bushes.


“Yes.” They chorused nodding.


“This was the same sound we heard when a lion attached my friend.” I said and I saw their eyes widen.


“What do we do?” Tessy asked fearfully.


“Keep put.” I said.


Then we heard a slight roar right behind us.


“F**k!” Tessy yelled and the roar became louder.


We looked back and we saw the lion running to us with great speed.


“Run! Climb the trees!” I yelled jumping on the tree already.


Betty did the same and in no time she was up.


“Steven you need to get up!!” Tessy yelled keeping a gaze on the close approaching lion.


“Tessy go!” Steven said weakly.


“No no!!” She yelled pulling him up.


“Go!! I love you!” He said weakly.


“Steven please don’t do this to me!” She cried.


“Tessy you need to come here now!” Betty yelled as the lion was already 10 feet’s from where she was.


“I love you!” She said and jumped on the tree where Betty was. Betty pulled her up to the tree holding her with her hands.


The lion jumped on him and tore him mercilessly. He cried so loud in pain but we couldn’t do anything.


“Steven!” Tessy called like she was going to go unconscious any moment.


I closed my eyes as the lion feed on the friendly Steven.




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