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Life In Roody Woods – Episode 7

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Chapter 7




Ray cleaned up the room with Steven’s support. I can never imagine myself carrying a dead chicken, talkless of a dead body.


I sat in the living room with Tessy, while the boys went hunting for dinner.


“I really miss home.” Tessy said looking so sad under the lantern light.


“Me too, I never thought this adventure will turn into a deadly one.” I said sighing heavily.


“I just hope Steven, ray, you and I go back home without been hurt.” She said looking at me.


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“I hope so too. All we need do is to stick together, be brave.” I said holding her hands.


“I know but to be honest, I am so scared.” She replied fearfully.


“I am also,but that shouldn’t get to us.” I replied and she nodded resting her head on my shoulder.


“Ahhhhhhh!!!” We heard someone yell from afar.


“Ray! Steven!” We both yelled running out of the house.


It was dark already, we could hardly see what was before us. We then saw the traces of light from the near by bush.


“There they are.” Tessy said running to the light, while I followed behind her. They walked up to us and we saw Steven hang his hand across Ray’s neck. The looked so tired and weak.


“Steven what happened?” Tessy asked already in tears.

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“He stepped on a trap.” Ray replied moving him to the hut.


“A trap! How come?” She yelled running after them.


He quickly dropped him on the floor, and I helped him bring the light closer to his leg.


His legs was so bloody, and he kept breathing very hard.


“Baby.” Tessy called making him lay his head on her laps.


“We need to get this trap off and it is going to hurt.” Ray said looking at Steven. “Do it.” He managed to reply. He shut his eyes very tight while Tessy hugged his head to her chest.


I helped holding his leg down while Ray tore his trousers.


“One! Two! Three!” He said and pulled the trap off his leg very carefully.


“Arrrghhh!” He groaned holding Tessy firmly.


Blood began to gush out, so Ray removed his clothes and used it to tie the wounded area.


“I need some herbs.” Ray said standing up.


“I will go with you.” I replied standing up too.


We walked out of the hut heading to the bushes nearby in search for any herb to place on his leg.


“That cut was really deep.” I said as he began to cut some leaves.


“Yes, and we need to stop the blood very soon.” He said concentrating on what he was picking.


“Is it not better we just head home, there is no hope of having these so called treasures. Wr will need to take Steven to the hospital as soon as possible. ” I said and he nodded.



“We will leave first thing tomorrow morning. I will check the map tonight to see what I can do.” He said and I nodded smiling. “You really are smart.” I said.


“Not as you are.” He replied as we headed back to the hut.


We got inside and Steven was still laying on Tessy’s legs. Ray rushed to him, loosing the cloth from the leg carefully.


He mashed the leaves together till they had water in them. He squeezed the water on the leg and Steven let out another groan.


Tessy held onto his head still crying. Ray placed the leaves on the leg and tied the leg very well with his cloth.


“It should be better by tomorrow. We will be heading home tomorrow, he needs to a doctor.” I said feeling sleepy already.


“I also thought of that. Please can you help him to the room?” Tessy asked cleaning her eyes.


Ray bent and carried him in a bridal style into the room prepared for both of them, and placed him on the bed.


Tessy used her wrapper to cover him while she laid beside him too.


“Goodnight.” We chorused as we shut the door.


I sighed and moved to our room while Ray trailed behind me.


“The bed is too small, I will lay on the floor.” Ray said laying a wrapper on the floor.


“No. I can’t let you. You are not even putting on clothes, we will manage it.” I said smiling.


“HM okay.” He replied climbing on the wooden bed. He laid and shifted to the extreme end of the bed, very close to the wall. He covered himself with his wrapper and closed his eyes.


I smiled and laid on the bed, covering myself with my wrapper. I laid facing the


other side, so our faces won’t meet. But I felt my a** touching him slightly.


“Goodnight.” I said.


“Goodnight.” He replied.







I began to hear Ray shivering at the middle of the night. It was so hard to sleep.


I turned to face him and i saw him shaking vigorously.


“Ray are you okay?” I asked fearfully.


“Yes.” He replied with a shaky voice.


I touched his hands and I saw they were damn cold.


“Ray you are too cold.” I said. He nodded still shaking vigorously.


I sat up and removed my own shirt leaving my breast na.ked. He needs body contact and I can give him that.


I laid beside him puling him into my warm arms. I hugged his head to my na.ked breast, letting his feel the warmeth.


He held unto me while I took the wrapper and used it to cover us. His grip was on firm on me and I loved it.


Soon the shivering stopped and I began to fall asleep.






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