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Life In Roody Woods – Episode 4

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Chapter 4




I finished eating the bread Betty gave me and I felt stronger again. I haven’t eaten for two days now.


Even when I caught a small bust meat, I had to give all to Den because he was becoming sick.


I stared at Betty as she closed her eyes. She looked so beautiful with the reflection of the light on her face.


I saw Tessy already dozing in the guys arms and I saw he was also looking very tired.


“Go sleep, I will watch over.” I said to them.


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“Thank you.” The guy said yawning. He carried Tessy into their tent and zipped it up.


“I am off too.” Den said crawling into his tent.


I looked at Betty and her eyes were still shut. Is she sleeping already?


“Betty you are free to lay in your tent now.” I said and I saw her open her eyes slowly.


“I ain’t sleeping yet.” She said staring into the fire.


“We will be leaving early tomorrow, you need to rest.” I insisted.


“And what about you?” She asked looking at me.


“I will be fine, someone needs to watch over everyone.” I said smiling.


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“Then I am staying with you. It is unfair if we all leave you to sleep.” She said firmly.


“Betty you are a lady, you need adequate rest.” I added hoping she would oblige.


“I insist. Or don’t you want me as a company?” She asked smiling.


“I would love to but..” I said but she cut me short.


“Good so I am staying.” She said staring at me.


“Okay, thanks. But..” I said not sure of how to put my next words.


“But what?” She asked eagerly.


“We need to be closer. For safety you know.” I said and I saw her smile.


“Sure.” She said moving closer to me.


I looked in the fire again lost in thoughts.


“So you are here for the treasure alone?” She asked looking at me, while I kept my


gaze on the fire.


“Yes.” I replied.


“How did your wife feel when you told her she was embarking on this deadly journey.” She asked and I chuckled.


“No one wants to marry a failure. I am not married.” I said looking at her.


“Oh am sorry, I didn’t know. And please don’t call yourself a failure, you aren’t.” She said smiling.


“How do you know that?” I asked facing the fire again.


“You saved us from the crocodile by telling us to move out, you lead us here to lay our head and you went into the woods in the dark to look for woods. You are a champion Ray.” She said holding my hands.


“Thank you.” I replied smiling. I saw her yawn tiredly and I knew she was close to sleeping.


“Use this.” I said tapping my shoulders.


“Thanks.” She replied smiling, resting her head on my shoulders and drifted off to the dream land.


….. THE NEXT DAY …..




I opened my eyes as I felt the sun penetrate my eye lids. The ray of was almost directly on my face. I looked away from the sun and I saw I was in my tent. “When did I get inside the tent yesterday?” I thought rubbing my hair with my palm. The last thing I remembered was resting my head on his shoulders.


I breathed out heavily unzipping the tent door. I peeped outside and I saw how beautiful the sea was under the sunlight. “Wow, this is beautiful.” I exclaimed happily.


I saw Steven and Tessy sitting around a wooden fire which had a pot on it. I am very sure they are making breakfast.


I looked to my side and I saw Den wearing some weird glasses. He looked so busy


with the map to the treasure.


“Good morning.” I said smiling.


“Betty, good morning. Thanks for the bread yesterday, I feel stronger.” He rapped happily. (Join Group) More stories @ “It is nothing Den, happy to see you smile again.” I replied grinning.



I then looked around for the very last time searching for Ray, and I saw him a little far from the tent.


He was busy with something but I couldn’t see it because he wasn’t facing me. I came our from the tent fully brushing my hair with my palm.


“Good morning Tessy and Steven.” I dad walking to the and kissing their cheeks.


“How was your night?” They chorused merrily.


“Great.” I replied nodding.


“Okay, I am making breakfast from some little sea shore animals.” Tessy said grinning.


“I love the sound of that, can’t wait.” I said walking to Ray. Finally, we all are starting to forget about Jay.


I was closer to him and I saw he was sharpened sticks with a knife, he had many on ground sharpened ones already and still had lots of ones to be touched. “Hey.” I said sitting close to him.


“Good morning beauty. Did you sleep well?” He asked smiling at me. He is really cute.


“Awesome, but I can’t remember walking to the tent myself.” I said shyly.


“That is correct, I had to carry you.” He replied facing what he was doing.


“For security hun?” I said raising up one of the sharpened sticks.


“Yes, we will be in need of them when we start walking again today.” He said.


It was then I noticed how sweaty he was all over.


“When did you start these?” I asked.


“4am.” He replied.


“You didn’t sleep at all?” I asked sadly.


“I did sleep, but it wasn’t enjoyable. I kept waking up after an little sound.” He said sighing.


“Am sorry Ray.” I said pitifully.


“There is nothing to worry about.” He said standing up. He took one of the sharpened sticks and positioned himself like he was going to throw.


I watched him with rapt attention. The stick was out of his hand and I traced it and saw it landed on a far tree, piercing the bark. “Wow that was awesome.” I said clapping for him.


“Thank you, I need to make bows too.” He said sitting as he began to tie the stick together with a rope.


“Ain’t you hungry?” I asked looking at Tessy who dropped the pot from the fire. “I am, but I can’t leave this. It is really important, we all need to have this.” He said.


“We all? I can’t eveb handle a catapult.” I giggled.


“Just a little bit of training will do.” He said confidently.


“I will get the food.” I said walking back to Tessy.


“Here is your food Betty.” She said stretching a plate to me. It was a soup, and I could see periwinkles and crabs in them.


“Thank you. Please I nerd Ray’s too.” I said smiling.


“Sure. You two seem really close.” Tessy said grinning.


“C’mon Tessy not again.” I chuckled as she gave me Ray’s soup.


I walked back to Ray and sat where I was earlier.


“The aroma is mouthwatering.” He said staring at the plate.


“The taste will be amazing too.” I said packing some of the soap with the spoon and moving it to his mouth.


He opened up slowly and drank it.


“Wow, this is truly amazing.” He said in shock.


“Thai is Tessy for you.” I replied giggling.

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He dropped the sticks as we both drank the soup in silence.


“We need to start moving now.” He said packing the sticks together while I packed the plates.

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We walked back to the tent and started to remove them. Soon, we all were set to hit the road.


“Guys please I need one thing from us. I need you to be brave, and we all need to stick together. You want to excrete, we follow you.” Ray said pacing in front of us. “I can’t promise a smooth journey, but I can say if we work together, we won’t have any problems.” He said ending his speech.


We all nodded and carried our bags. And we were back on the move, having no


idea what will happen next.






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