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Life In Roody Woods – Episode 2

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Chapter 2








“Ray I am tired, its been a week we have been here. All our friends have died strangely, can’t we just get the f==k out of here!!!” Den yelled in frustration.




“Den let me think!! I am trying to get us out of this mess okay!” I yelled back in anger and he kept quite instantly.


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“I just want to go home.” He mumbled like an infant.


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“Den I know and you will go home. I know you are freaked out right now because all our friends are dead. I ain’t happy either but there is nothing we can do about






that again, all we have to focus on is how to get that treasure and get out of this place.” I rapped.




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“We are still getting the treasure?? After all the deaths?” He asked in shock.




“Of course, we can’t just give up. There is still hope when there is life.” I said continuing my walk.




“Ray who knows we will die next? You may be the next person to be swallowed by a wild beast.” He smirked.




“Thinking like that won’t make you execute the plans, so just shut up and follow me. I can’t lose those great treasures.” I said looking into the map again.




“I want to go home, but I can’t even remember the path anymore and that is why I am still following you.” He said and I bursted into laughter.


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“Just admit you are a lady, you aren’t brave at all. You can go back, here is the map.” I said stretching it to him.




“Whatever, I don’t want to go anymore. Not because I am scared, I just don’t want to leave you all by yourself in this woods.” He said looking very stupid.




“You are a fool.” I said jokingly leading the way.




“You’ve gat some water in your bottle?” I asked checking mine.




“No, it finished 1 hours ago.” He replied tiredly.




“Get calculation. There is a river close to this place, let’s go get some water.” I said tracing the river on the map and looking around for the route.




“Found it?” He asked weakly.




“Yes, follow me.” I said leading the way while he trailed behind me with his noisy backpack.




Only heaven knows what junks he packed inside it. So daft.




Den is one of my best friends that embarked on this treasure hunt. I had three other friends, two guys and a girl.




They all died a very saddening death. Caleb was swallowed by an anaconda in a very dangerous cave, Ruth was pierced all over my poisonous thorns and Raphael died of a deadly sting.


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They happened right in front of me and I couldn’t even do anything. I was actually the master mind of the hunt.




But I can’t just back off now, now we are very close to the treasure by the readings on the map.




I have learnt to fear nothing, I just need to be careful and I know we will be okay. I just prays nothing happens to Den.




He has been a brother to me since I lost all my family members in a plans crash.




All I want to do is get that treasure, travel somewhere far with him and start a new life.




Have a wife, have kids, have an home. No ones wants to marry a poor boy and you know that quite well.




I could here the sound of the flowing river accompanied with laughter and shuttering close by.




Den and I ran to the river and we saw some people in the river swimming cheerfully.




“Are they out of their minds? Dangerous species can be in that river.” I said to Den.




“Hey!!!!!” I yelled and they all looked at me.






They were two guys and two girls. One of the girls looked so beautiful but that is not the matter on ground.




“Come out of that water now, it is dangerous!” I yelled and I saw one of the guys burst into laughter.




“Hey who the hell are you? And why will you ask us to come out?” A guy asked shrugging his shoulders while the others nodded.




“Please come out, all my friends have died in this wood. Please just come out.” Den said fearfully.




“Please we have had enough of the fun. Time to start hunting again.” The beautiful one said swimming towards us.




Soon they all started to swim out but the first guy to attack me with words was still in the water.




“I love the feel of the water, guys let’s ignore him.” He said but everyone was out already.




“Jay c’mon time to go.” The other lady said.




“Arrgh fine.” He said rolling his eyes.




He started to move to us and suddenly he started shaking vigorously in the water.




His eyes widened and his mouth opened to talk but he couldn’t say anything.




“Jay!!!!!” The other guy yelled running to the river.




“That is a stupid act!.” I said holding him back.




Soon blood covered the face of the river, I saw Jay’s upper part floating away and I saw his lower part been dragged away by a crocodile.




“God!!” The girls yelled as they broke down in tears.




“Shit!” I yelled closing my eyes.




“Jay!!!” The other guy yelled falling to the ground.




I looked at Den and I saw his mouth was wide open, he was looking like he was in a trance.




“Guys we need to get out of here now!” I said to everyone.




“No, Jay can’t go. No.” The beauty said whimpering.




“Look here guys, there is nothing we can do about this. We need to move now, we don’t know what will happen next now there is blood in the water.” I said. Render More Supports To Us By Sharing Out Our Stories To Friends And Medias




(TEAM TOPSTER STORIES) They stood up sluggishly still weeping seriously.




“Where are your clothes?” I asked them.




“Up the hill.” The guy said weakly.




“Let’s go get it.” I said leading the way.




I am hundred percent sure they are here for the Treasure. If only they know the dangers in this woods, they won’t joke around.







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