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Junior Fucker – Episode 25

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I was so angry and I gave him a slap. What does he take me for?


“Friends did you just say friends?” I barked at me.


His eyes held so much emotions , I could feel my tears building up.


am sorry if my words hurt you am sorry I…” I cut him off with another slap. This time the tears came rolling.


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“Did you ever stopped to think why i became close to you? Have you ever asked yourself this questions!!” I raised my voice.


He went mute , ofcourse he has nothing to say to me.


thats because your sister and your mom asked me to make you fall in love , so you can stop fooling around but at the end of the day i was the one that fell in love with you. Bastard !?!” I lashed out holding his shirt aggressively.


He placed his hands on my shoulders but I jerked it off.


“I didn’t know..I just don’t want you to get hurt you deserve better.” He said and cupped my face.


I struggle outta his grip as slumped to the ground shuddering.



” I wasn’t complaining , I wasn’t complaining I shouldn’t have fallen in love in the first place. Was so dumb thinking you would love me back.” I got a hold of myself and stood up


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“Listen Ivy I..”


no no i get it okay? You don’t feel anything towards me its cool .” I dried my tears with the back of my palm and tried walking away but he pulled back by the hand .


My hands landed on his hard chest. He sneaked his hand around my waist holding me tighter.


I tried to fight him off but he was just too strong.


“You’re right Ivy am always running away from my problems and in the process I almost lost something precious to me .” he looked into my eyes and uses his thumb to wipe the tears off.


” let me go you imbecile!!” I yelled out tears.


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“No I’m sorry but I can’t. I almost lost you once and I won’t take that chances again. ” he cupped my face and kissed my tears away ..


He used his lips to dry my tears .


“Shred no tears for yours is too precious. Am sorry okay?” He said calmly giving me those cute puppy eyes I dare not resist.


“Am sorry too I overreacted .” I sighed tiredly .


Maybe the love wasn’t meant to be.


“I want the keys to your heart Ivy Powell ” he spoke up getting me confused. ” I don’t understand what …”


“I love you.” He said and it sounded more like a thunderstorm .


” huh??” I was dumbfounded…


“Maybe this will explain.” He brought his face closer and took my lips in his .


I encircled my arms around his neck as we kiss passionately….


He broke the kiss when it was getting so intense …


“I love you so much Ivy powell miss nerdy.” He chuckled and I gave him a punch..


“That’s for calling me a nerd.” I feign annoyance…

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“Wtf ! Was your hands made of stones?” He glared at me…


“Nope but God took time in creating them.” I said proudly…


“Oh yeah ? Show me what they can do. Besides you’re supposed to say I love you too oh sexy demi god kay.” He smirked


I burst into laughing. I was crying and laughing.


He joined me in laughing. Time to show him what I can actually do…


I started tickling him and he fell on the couch while I sat on top of him as we both played.


“I see my plan worked perfectly.”Kellie said from the door.


I got off him immediately , my cheeks had become so red with embarrassment.


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