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Junior Fucker – Episode 24

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Its been months since I’ve been discharged from the hospital and everything had gone back to normal.


Also resumed classes, right now I’d to get to school on time to hang out with Kellie .


Well Kay has changed a lot, he’s not his usual self but recently he acts more manly and barely say few words.


Have you ever heard of a player turning into an introvert over night?


Well I won’t blame him , judging from what happened few months back he won’t dare make such mistakes.


Maybe I miss the old Kay that would argue and fight with me all day long.

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I sighed sadly and picked up my backpack before exiting my room.


I head downstairs to meet my dramatic parents giggling while having breakfast.


good morning dad and mom.” I mumbled and picked up a pancake. “Morning baby how was your night?” Mom smiled at me.


morning dear , kindly seat and have breakfast with us.” Dad said gesturing to my chair.



I nodded negatively.


“ERM I’ve to get to school early. Bye mom and dad , I love you.” I grabbed few more pancakes and headed to the door to avoid further questions.


I got outta the house only to meet a black SUV parking in front of my house with man in black suit standing beside it.


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Are we expecting someone special?


I shrugged and wanted walking pass him when he spoke up.


“Good morning ma’am Mr knights instructed I bring you to school.” He said politely.





prodigal son.


Mr knights ? As in jayden Knights ? Nah it might just be the



“By Mr Knights you meant Kulture right?” I asked to satisfy my curiosity.


He nods and bow slight .


Great ! So he decides to remember me today? Whatever.


am sorry but I can’t go with you. I’ll find my way to school.” I said sternly.


try and understand the fact that the young master doesn’t take no for an answer. He asked me not to return without you.” He added.


I exhaled deeply and angrily wlked towards the back seat door.


He opened the door for me and I got in.





The car came to halt at the school gate.he came outta the car and opened the door for me again while I got out.


“Thanks.” I mumbled and walked into school.


“Just the person i was looking for. Come with me .” kel came outta nowhere and pulled me along.


“Slow down Kel you’re moving too fast.” I complained.


“Thats because am excited.” She giggled.


“What’s this about again?” I frown .


“I want to show you something interesting at the relaxation suit. Trust me you’re gonna love it.”she said happily.


Okay what’s with the giggling?


We stopped in front of the door and she opened it.


I didn’t think twice before entering only to meet Kay seated on the couch with his legs crossed stylishly.


what’s this Kel ? Was this the reason why you dragged me up here?” I frown irritated already.


okay what’s up with you two? Am giving you a chance to sort things out else you won’t be leaving this place. Bye!” With that she quickly got out and locked the door from the outside.


Oh great just great I’m trapped in same place with Kay.


I sigh and slumped on the couch beside his.


“How have you been?’he spoke up not staring at me.


“Well have been fine since someone had decided to stay off grid.” I glared.


He shrug and kept mute getting me infuriated.


His silence provokes me.


“Seriously dude? Seriously? God you’re so unbelievable.”I rolled my eyes sulking.


“Am sorry.” He muttered.


What kinda apology is this?


“Sorry that you have been avoiding me! Or sorry that you suck at being an introvert.” I said sternly.


am sorry for everything , I just felt I’m not good enough for you. I can’t be that perfect friend, to crown it all I don’t even deserve someone as pure hearted as you’re.” He said and I stood up and gave him a slap.


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