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Junior Fucker – Episode 21

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What in the gods name is going on here?


Am I hallucinating or what?


There was another Jenelle standing at the entrance of the church.


I glance at her then back to the one standing beside me.


Are they trying to play games with me.

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no you not real, you’re dead.” Jenelle panicked in fear.


hello sister . did I miss anything?” The Jenelle standing by the door smirked. Trent appeared behind her, Ivy showed up beside her with a cunny smile.


can someone please tell me what the hell is going on here! And why is there two Jenelle.” I half yelled.


no kay am the real Jenelle she’s an imposter.” The one standing beside me said as she was shivering like a chicken.






you’re the imposter here sweetie.” Kellie said coming from the door. Oh great my sister is a part of this drama.


she’s jane nor jenelle. This is Jenelle.” Ivy said pointing at the girl standing beside her.

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and have got proof to put that imposter behind bars.” Dad said making a grand entering.


The whole cathedral had began to murmur among them selves.


dad dont tell me you know something about this two.” I ran my fingers through my hair frustratedly.



Jane here is my twin sister ,because of her obsession with you she tried to kill me and manipulate you into marrying her claiming to be me.” The one or i think is the real Jenelle said.


I turned to look at Jane who was seriously sweating.


its not true Kay don’t believe a word she says.” She shuttered.


one more word from you and am gonna strangle you right here right now.” I glared at her .


I would have been dead just like she had planned but thanks to Trent who found me and took care of me. He told me everything that was going on here. In as much as i was in love with you , I won’t force you to get married to me.” Jenelle explained and I felt relieved.


shut up everyone! Is either he get married to me now or this video footage will be relased and you will go to jail .” jane threatened with tears in her eyes.


Funny enough I wasn’t scared anymore.


what video ? You mean this edited footage ? Okay how about we play the actual video to the world?” Ivy smiled and winked at me.


Some police officers walked into the church and set up a projector so everyone could watch .


My car was behind her car when she knocked down the lady.


Thank goodness the truth is out.


no no that’s not me. They are trying to frame me officers.” She shook her head.


what are you waiting for officers arrest that criminal for trying to forcefully enter the royal household.” DAd commanded.


The officers nodded and walked towards Jane but the unexpected happened.



She pulled out a gun.


stay back everyone or am gonna kill someone.” She threatened as her eyes had become red.


drop the gun Jane its the end of the road for you.”i said in between clenched teeth.


come on jane drop the gun let’s settle this. ” jenelle said like it waa no big deal.


One of the police men went behind her and forcefully took the gun but she had fired the gun already thank goodness it was taken from her and no one was hurt.


She was taken away from the church as she tried to break free.


I don’t know what to say jennell.” I moved closer to her.


oh you don’t have to say anything kay afterall we are still best buddies right?” She did out secret best friend handshake


I was indeed glad to have her back. I pulled her into a tight hug.


glad to have you back twinkle toes.” I whispered into her ear.


likewise weasel.” She chuckled.


is any actual wedding still going on or what?” The priest spoke up.


yes . shall we ?” Trent said and stretch forth his hand to jenelle who took it and was led to the altar.


I was indeed happy for both of them.


My eyes landed on Ivy who was smiling out tears. I rushed her with a hug.


Why isn’t she saying anything.

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I felt something wet my tuxedo.


Did she wet herself or what.?


I pulled away and glance at her only to see blood stain.


Her eyes were so red her hands were stained with her blood.


She was hit by the bullet fired by Jane.


“No!!!” I yelled on top of my voice and caught her in my arms right before she could fall.

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