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Junior Fucker – Episode 18

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Kulture Knight


She pulled away and looked away shyly.


I don’t what really happened but all I wanted that moment was to kiss her plus this Is secret place , which means she the first person to be brought here .


” come on let’s get you home .” I broke the awkward silence.


She nodded and stood up. I helped her down the stairs the we got to the car.



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Pulled up in front of her house still the mood was dangerously awkward.


we’re here.” I was spoke again.


thanks good night.” She rushed her words and wanted escaping from me when i pulled her back and kissed her again.


It just brief . she smiled and got outta the car.



I watch her walk into the house be driving away and for the first time since Jenelle arrived I smiled.


A pure smile of contempt.


The ride to my house was actually short. I pulled into the parking lot and stepped outta the car.


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well well well if it isn’t the mighty lover boy.” Jenelle clapped her hands coming outta the dark.


What the heck is she doing there?


” what do you want Jenelle?” I said in between clenched teeth.


“Oh i don’t want anything except the fact that I’m going to upload all the pictures of you and that foolish girl on the school website with a striking caption .” she smirked swinging her phone at my face.


you wouldn’t dare.” I tried grabbing the phone from her.


i just did.” She smirked.


“Why are you doing all of this Jenelle?” I sighed sadly.


simple to make you suffer , you’ll suffer for abandoning me kay,i loved you kay but you sidelined me. How about I tell her everything or make her go away?” She smirked evilly.


stay away from Ivy , I agreed to everything you said right?I rubbed my temple frustratedly .


not everything kay. We’ll have to get married to me in three days time and also stay away from her . only then I’ll also keep my promise.” I said walking away.


“Aissh!!” I grunt and punched the wall.



Ivy Powell



The next day I got dresssed in one of my best clothing . I couldn’t sleep all night , all i think of was the fact that kay kissed me. Was glad I gave my first kiss to someone I recently found out I was in love with.


I waited around the parking lot hoping he would show up soon and He did.


Got super excited when I saw his car pulled up in the parking lot.


Everyone was busy murmuring as Kellie drove into school same thing goes to Trent .


The three stepped out of their various cars looking stunning as students were taking pictures of them.


Kay was looking extraordinary handsome. He had this blank expression unlike any other day.


He looked away when our eyes locked like he did not noticed me.






What’s up with him.


Kellie on the other hand was nowhere to be found . i ran after Kay.


hey wait up!” I yelled after him but he didn’t burge it will like i wasn’t there . Had to stand at his front preventing him from moving.


what do you want monkey?”he groaned getting me confused.


whats the meaning kay? Why the attitude.” I frown deeply.



I don’t know what you’re talking about and if you don’t mind have got class to attend.” He pushed me aside but I held on to his winter coat for my eyes had become teary.


why are acting like this kay what’s wrong with you? Yesterday you were…” He cut me off.


whatever last night was just childish play it won’t happen again.” He said coldly and I could feel my heart breaking up.


does this mean you don’t care about our connection ? What about the kiss?” I said in a cracked voice.


I really don’t wanna believe all this was happening.


have kissed so many girls so kissing you doesn’t make a difference it only makes you cheap. Now get lost.” He forcefully took his coat from my hand.


I slumped to the ground in this is not happening .


Its like mu world was falling apart.


My whole body tensed up when I felt a hand on me.




This is becoming more interesting than i thought

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