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Johnson’s Dickson – Episode 8

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Episode 8


“MY LORD!!!”, screamed a very baffled Mr.

Johnson!! His hands found his heavy d–k but

did little to cover it as it still poked out from

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several openings. That thing was huge!

In response I reacted by quickly dropping the

towels to the floor and screaming at the top

of my voice! Doing my best to feign that I was

equally shocked by the seeming disaster! But

then, unlike what most people in such

dilemma would do, I wasn’t in a haste to find

a way out of the bathroom immediately!

“I am very sorry sir!!”, I began instead,

panting in the process but still casting many

glances at his enormous d–k which was

almost out in the open again! “I will leave

now sir! I am sorry! I didn’t know you were

already in here!”

“But I called you just as I got to the

bathroom door”, he was really finding it

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difficult to get hold of the situation

“I didn’t hear it sir! I am sorry sir! I will be

leaving right away”, I still wasn’t even moving

an inch. I was wishing so much that he would

just climb out of the bathtub and grab me! I

was longing so much for his d–k again!

However he didn’t! And once I began seeing

that my plan was failing, I bent down and

began packing the towels. I was still hoping


“Maybe I should begin asking if anyone is in

here anytime I wish to bath”, he started

again. He was really a good man. He was

already thinking he was at fault.

I didn’t reply him, I only remained bent over,

with my fat a-s stuck in the air!! I swayed it

from side to side as I purposely spent a lot

more time picking the towels. I could imagine

what view he was getting! Since the gown hug

my a-s so tightly and my panties weren’t

visible- being a g-string, I could imagine he

was seeing my a-s as na.ked as it could be!

But despite that, he didn’t move, he remained

patient and waited for me to pick them all up.

And even when I delayed the more while

trying to unlock the bathroom door, he didn’t

say a thing or make a move. I stole glances

at his d–k but couldn’t really say he was

aroused any bit! If not for the fact that while I

was just walking out of the door, I caught his

eyes staring at my bum, I would have said

that I was of no interest to him. A big shame!

When I got back to my house, I felt like

crying. I felt so so worthless! Wasn’t I

beautiful anymore? Isn’t my body what it

used to be anymore? Wasn’t I as elegant as

his wife? I heard myself asking a lot of

questions without an answer. I was

disappointed and deeply discouraged! It

suddenly looked like it was never going to

happen. Mr. Johnson was never going to f–k

me! He was a devoted church person and

that was going to hurt my plans. But then,

how would I just for-go this?! I still wouldn’t

see the possibility of not touching Mr.

Johnson’s d–k! Oh my! That d–k meant a lot

to me! Even the little of it I saw that very

morning, spelt a new chapter for me! I started

telling myself that since I had gotten that

close to the d–k for the first time, I was

certainly bound to get even closer! So I was

suddenly in again! I was going to tempt Mr.

Johnson a second time! I was bound to make

it work this time, no matter what! Given that

he would be leaving for wherever soon, it was

certain it had to be the next day. I was only

expected to work in the morning hours so the

following day was just the next ideal time!

However, Mr. Johnson’s next action was what

really got me thinking. Later that night, he

walked into my bedroom. The nature of my

own apartment meant that we had three

rooms and external kitchen and bathrooms.

We used one of the room as a living room

while the other two were bedrooms – a master

and that for the kids. So I was in the masters

bedroom that night seeing a soapie on TV

when he walked through my open door. I was

barely decent given that the kids had gone to

bed, so my boobs were all exposed while the

little sheet of cloth I had across me, just did

enough to cover just my crotch. My left thigh

and the side of my left buttocks were all open

to the eye. I had turned off the light though

so was just using the dim TV glow to lit up

the room.



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