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Johnson's Dickson – Episode 5

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???????????? *JOHNSON’S DICKSON*
Episode 5
My mind was made up on the 13th
month of my stay at the Johnsons.
It was quick and unlabored. It was
a result of a most unfortunate
accident if you were to look at it
from ‘a Mr. Johnson probable point
of view’. However, I am extremely
delighted that it happened. It was
on a Friday morning after
everyone had left home except for
myself, the driver and Mr.
Johnson. He usually left work late
those days as I heard he was being
considered for the role of the
Branch Manager. This meant more
out-of-office meetings. So on that
very day, he was home as usual.
Meanwhile I had set things up at
my apartment for the day and
reported back to the main house
to clean up things for the
morning. I had finished putting
the bedrooms and the main
lounge in order when I decided to
sweep the terraces. It was while I
was doing this that I saw what I
probably shouldn’t. It was right at
the bathroom window.
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As I
climbed the toilet chamber right
at the foot of the window, in order
to clear up cobwebs that had
gathered over the roof eave, my
eyes suddenly looked into the
bathroom through the open
window. At first, I quickly looked
away. But then, I saw myself calm
down, making less noise in the
cause. Then gradually stretched
my neck to peep into the window
again to confirm what I had seen
at first and woooow!!!……..was
that for real?! Mr. Johnson’s c–k
was right in his hand as he shaved
the hair all around it! I couldn’t
believe myself. Well, I also didn’t
believe the size of the d–k! No one
would have ever felt that a deacon
would have a d–k that should be
over 8 or 9inches long! I never was
going to believe so before then
but there he was d–k in hand! It
was simply a monster and even
without realizing it, c–t juice
began running down my thigh! I
was already wet for Mr. Johnson!
The way he turned the stout tool
side to side in a bid to shave off
hidden hair, wasn’t helping any
matters. Despite being pretty
limp, his d–k looked set to
measure a whooping 6 or 7inches!!
That was how terrific it looked! I
was already salivating! And when
he raised the staff up to shave the
underside, my left hand found my
fanny and in one plunge, dipped
two fingers into my burning p—y
and began fingering away!!I was
dying on my knees! It was
unthinkable!! When I had reached
cloud 9 and then opened my eyes,
I realized that he wasn’t there
anymore. He was gone out of the
bathroom. How I kept fingering
until he completely shaved and
took his bath was a mystery. All I
knew was that I climbed down
from the Chamber, sat on it and
with my face in my lap, I dozed off
and was only awaken by my kids,
when they returned from school!!
That was the moment. That was
the deciding moment. I told myself
that I was going to f–k Mr.
Johnson, no matter what! My
arguments had always been that
he had been fair to my family and
all what not. And those had been a
weak but rather effective
constrain for me so far. But not
after I had seen his d–k! Oh-My-
Gosh!! You should have seen that!
There isn’t any way I wouldn’t
want that beast in my p—y! It
was going to be an absolute gift!
Chike’s d–k always appeared to be
my biggest d–k in the entire
world, but how Mr. Johnson’s
dwarfed it terribly! The middle-
aged man’s own was both thick
and long! I couldn’t just stop
thinking about it.

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