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Johnson’s Dickson – Episode 4

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Episode 4



I started work in a few weeks and

for the first time in my life, I had a

decent house for a home. It was

the bungalow behind the main

apartment and it was well

furnished. It was a pleasant

environment for the kids even

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though the Deputy Branch

Manager who is actually Mr.

Johnson, did not have kids of their

age (his kids were grown and out

of home) thus keeping them

mostly indoors. It was a new

beginning for the family even

though Chike did not eventually

enjoy it as much as the rest of us,

given that he was soon transferred

back to Lagos, forcing him to now

spend the weekdays away but

usually return on weekends. The

Johnsons on their part were nice

people. In fact, I immediately

found out that they were very

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religious. I was once told by a

friend who knew them well that

Mr. Johnson himself was a Deacon

while the wife headed a religious

group in their community. This

was further proven when I began

finding lots of religious books,

tracts and leaflets around the


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They were absolutely the

calmest you could find.

The real looser was me. Chike was

now a predictable presence and

how much hurt that did to my

libido and sexual urge! I have

come to be a highly sexual woman.

And even at this point, I still do

unbelievable thing s to have sex! I

still read dirty books and watch

loads of p–n! I involve in sex chats

every night and would grab a f–k

anywhere I can find a good one.

And all these began becoming

even more evident while I was at

the Johnsons. In fact, despite how

much respect and adoration I had

for Mr. Johnson, I still occasionally

fantasized about him. While this

could be called wicked given that

his wife was also in the same

compound with us, it was just only

worse because of the absence of

my ever-able Chike. Mr. Johnson

was good to me generally. He

accepted the wage I requested for

with no argument. He also offered

to fund the schooling of my young

son all through to college and did

the most by getting me to finish

schooling myself. In few weeks

after my arrival I began a part-

time program that would last for 3

years and he was funding it right

from his purse. He was an

extremely good man and given

that he was just over 50 and of

good manners, he easily appeared

like a father to my family.

But….that was never going to

hide one fact. He was a very very

handsome man! Well built and tall.

His very light-skin was a fair

contrast to mine and that of Chike.

His baritone voice was an ice-

breaker and his ever intimidating

aura of confidence was always

enough to melt any heart. My

getting to know him was what

began bringing out my old pride

and arrogance. Suffering and

poverty had suppressed this part

of me causing me to ignore how

wonderfully beautiful I was made.

But after a few months with the

Johnsons, I found myself getting

as haughty as ever! I would

address people anyway I liked and

never batted a lid. But despite all

these, I still felt my legs weaken

whenever, I was in contact with

Mr. Johnson. What I dreaded most

was looking like it was going to

happen, deacon or not.




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