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Johnson’s Dickson – Episode 18

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Episode 18


Then in one single blow, his big d–k found its

way into my dripping p—y, stretching my

walls to the extreme! My mouth were forced

open, but no words came out! He began

banging me with no forgiveness!

“Please tell me!!”, I heard myself scream out

to him!

“You will never attempt seducing a married

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man again after today!!” he yelled in

response, driving his pulsating c–k balls-

deep into my soaking p—y!!

“Oh!…please discipline me daddy!”, I said.

Loving the way he sounded

“You had wanted my d–k all this while, I will

show you the harm it can cause you!”, he was

massaging one of boobs as he said so! He

was surprising me with his profanity but how

I longed for that harm he talked about. My

p—y was on fire and my juices were flowing

freely down my thick thighs!

“Don’t stop daddy, f–k me harder!”

He was banging me with all his strength and

might and even before I knew what was

happening, he had flipped me over, and got

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on top, penetrating me with such speed that I

saw stars with my bare eyes! His rapidity,

was shocking for his age! And the attention

he was giving to details was non I had seen

before. His strokes were purposeful, triggering

the right areas of my p—y. The way he

s—-d and played with my gyrating boobs,

were especially thrilling! I only had to simply

place both my legs on his hard buttocks as

he drilled home his long strokes!

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After what seemed like ages, he began pulling

out his glistening wet d–k and with a pop, it

found its way out of my drenched p—y! He

dropped down low, and engaged his mouth

again. Sucking on my c–t with renewed

vigour. He inserted a finger as he did,

causing my body to respond with timely

humps of my hip on his finger and face. He

was really a great lover and that ‘churchous’

side of him was never going to let you

suspect it. In fact, he further astounded me

with this newly unveiled ‘dirtiness’, when his

right thumb found my a—–e. Before I could

completely process in my head if it was

intentional or not, he had inserted the thumb

and began f—–g my a—–e with it! I was

soon begging for his big d–k in there!

“Are you sure?”, he asked, grinning

I was too carried away to speak, so I simply

gave a nod.

He smiled again. And then bent back down

again and began eating my a—–e, probably

in a bid to prepare it for what was about to

come. Having received Chike’s similarly thick

d–k in there, I wasn’t that worried if I could

take Mr. Johnson’s. I was only bothered

about his length and that was that. Luckily

enough, my fears were made of little value

because, he eventually lubricated my a—–e

with adequate saliva and then gradually

poked the thing into it! The pain was there as

it moved in, put abruptly stopped once it slid

in. I felt this expansion and then we were

settled. He grinned into my ears again and

told me my a-s tasted nice, to which I said a

big thanks. Then he began f—–g me again.

Initially in gradual strokes but soon,

graduating into very quick long strokes! I

moaned like I had never done before, clawing

his back and kissing him with so much

intensity. Our sweats kept rubbing into both

our skins and his scent was all over the

place, dominant and extremely arousing. He

s—-d my tongue and rubbed my rubbery

n—–s as his d–k slid in and out of my a-s

at will. My p—y was pouring juice in loads

and the sheets were being covered in a

mixture of sweet smelling bodily fluids.

He was first to announce to me that he was

about to c-m as I had c-m over 4 times

before! He was still f—–g my a-s in brazen

rapidity while I whimpered and whined! I did

feel his over-sized d–k swell, stretching my

rectum further apart. And just after he told

me he was going to c-m, to which I told him

to c-m into my mouth, he pulled his meat

out of my gapping a—–e and brought it to

my mouth. The smell of my rectum covered

my nose and an instant urge to shove the

black member into my waiting yearning

mouth, overwhelmed me! However, Mr.

Johnson placed its tip on my lower lip and in

quick snappy shots, poured his milky sticky

c-m into my throat! It rushed in, spouts after

spouts! Rope after rope and in an instant,

filled my mouth and began dripping down my

face and neck. Yet he wasn’t done! He kept

shooting, kneading the head as he did while I

squeezed his balls! I began swallowing as

they poured in, gagging in his c-m! He

seemed to love this because he began

beaming and just as the final drips of his

seed sipped out, he dropped his heavy staff

on my mouth. It was an amazing experience!

When I had done swallowing, he bent and

kissed me in the mouth, mixing his saliva

with his c-m. This drove me so crazy, that

when he tried turning back to leave, I pulled

his hand again. And then grabbed his

partially erect d–k! Despite looking very

surprised, he obliged and began coming

close. So I stood and then pushed him into

the bed. I bent low, and began blowing his

d–k again! The remains of his c-m which was

in my mouth, were smeared on the entire

length of his d–k as I s—-d him frantically!

He held my hair together while the other hand

pulled my n—–s. He was aroused in

seconds and ready to go again. I was so

pleased as that isn’t common for men of his

age! So without wasting further time, I

mounted him and in calculated movements,

inserted his boner into my p—y. We began

our music all over again, but now in cowgirl

position. I rode him with passion and purpose

and he encouraged me by fondling my

b—–s! He seemed to be prepared to allow

me be in control, so I did my best to satisfy

him the much I could. I tweaked and swirled

on his d–k which still remained stiff for the

full course of our romp!

After about 10 minutes, I sensed my o—-m

build again. The fifth of that morning! It

began deep down below but gradually rose to

the outside. Luckily, he too was at the eve of

blowing his a second time so, in one eruptive

blast, we both exploded into each other! He

still had a lot of c-m to spray and I felt it

travel up into my womb! How joyful that

made me! Myself, on the other hand, poured

mine on all over his loin and entire laps. It

was really a spectacle and the sensation I got

as the thick load sipped out of my p—y was


“We are going another round oga!” I heard

myself declare suddenly

“Huh?…” he questioned in utter wonder and


I nodded my head severally, bringing one of

my fingers to my lip in apparent shyness

“Not now honey. Much later. We will have

another tonight”

I feigned a frown and tried protesting but he

smiled and hugged me for a kiss.

“My son will soon be back. Let us leave the

rest for tonight, okay?”

I nodded again and began packing up my

littered cloths and cleaning brooms.

He fulfilled his promise exactly as he made it

though and did come unto me later that same

night. We actually f—-d in the bathroom

and spent over half an hour before he

returned to his wife in bed. This soon became

a routine and we would f–k anytime we

found ourselves alone at home! He was

equally some kind of freak too, just like

myself and it balanced out real good! I would

have loved to share several other f–k

episodes I had with Mr. Johnson with you,

but for the space and time! I promise to tell

you more some other day as there are so

many things that come out of the Johnson

household, you know. After all, even as I

write, Mr. Johnson’s third son’s c-m from our

last f–k has only just begun drying on my

lap. You never know who’s next with the



The ????End

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