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Johnson’s Dickson – Episode 16

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Episode 16


It was a little past 11am when I finally heard

Mr. Johnson’s car drive out of the compound.

Some hours after I had left the main house,

one of their sons visited home. I had heard

before that he stayed in Abuja and was an

officer in the Navy. Since I had decided that I

wouldn’t be going into the main house until

much later, I couldn’t get to meet him in

person but I managed to catch a glimpse of

him when I saw him washing his car with the

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gateman few hours after he had arrived. He

looked more like his mom than Mr. Johnson.

Anyways, when I heard Mr. Johnson’s car

drive out, I was of the conclusion that I was

only going to find his son at home and how

much of a relief that felt like. So, I changed

my cloths and got into a checkered red gown.

It was sleeveless and stopped just an inch or

two below my knees. The design was rather

strange though as it had its button-down

flight, right behind. In other words, you would

need someone to button you up since you

cannot get your hands behind your back

unless, you had any unusual way of doing so.

I somehow left without panties too. It wasn’t

intentional though. The one I wore the

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previous night was already drenched in p—y

juice and needed a wash. So my thought was

that once I was done with chores, I would

return, have a shower and then change into

proper cloths for the day. When I got

everything fixed, I picked up my cleaning

equipment and left for the main house.

When I got in there, it didn’t feel like anybody

was home at all. In fact, by the time I had

done two bedrooms and the living room and

yet heard or saw nobody, I began suspecting

the son drove out with his dad in his car. So I

was rightly shocked when I found Mr.

Johnson on his bed reading a book as soon

as I walked into his bedroom to clean it up!!

His son was actually the person who left with

his dad’s car, after all! I nearly jumped out of

my skin on seeing him! And the initial feeling

was to stop right there and turn back!

Stopping, I did but I could only shut my eyes

for a while and then open them again. When I

looked up, he was looking at me too but he

quickly looked away when our eyes met!

“Good….morning sir”, I forcefully stuttered!

“Good morning Daniel”, was his reply. He

spoke quite in a whisper with his eyes still

fixed on his book. The book’s title said

‘Fighting Temptations’ by Nicholas


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I quietly strolled across his bed and found a

comer just by his wardrobe to drop my mob

stick, broom stick and bucket. Unexpectedly,

my eyes were caught by the mirror hanging

from one of the doors of the wardrobe and

was able to see that he had no plans of going

out, given that no tuxedos were hanging at

the usual place he normally kept them which

was right behind me at that point. I made a

frown and set down to work.

My first intention was to sweep the room

clean first before doing a little scrubbing. I

was going to be very fast about it as I was so

so nervy in there. Mr. Johnson who I had

longed so much for, had suddenly become

some form of plague to my eyes! He still had

his eyes on the book even as I began

sweeping – still backing him though. I was so

concentrated in what I was doing that my

eyes finding the mirror suddenly, for the

second time, was a first distraction in several

minutes. However, when i looked at the mirror

this time, it wasn’t the non-existent tuxedo of

Mr. Johnson that caught my attention, but

rather Mr. Johnson himself. He was explicitly

staring at my a-s with reckless abandon! He

was so focused on it that each time I moved

from one spot to another as a result of my

chore, his eyes would follow me all the way!

At first, I chose to totally ignore him despite

the prominent tingle in my p—y, but as it

continued for far much longer than I thought

it would, I saw myself, unconsciously putting

in effort to present him with more enticing

unobstructed views of my wide shapely a-s! I

would make it stick out, sway, tweak and

even bounce, as I outrageously circled several

areas of the room in the course of my chores.

I kept tracking our performance and

responses using the mirror over the wardrobe

and my heart felt so delighted when I saw him

drop his book on ‘fighting temptations’, just

to have an even increased attention on my

seductive a-s! Too bad the heralded book

couldn’t deliver the man from the grips of

Daniela’s adulterous body!

A button popped! And another followed! My

a-s was exerting so much pressure on the

fabric, causing the buttons behind to go off at

speed! But I didn’t seem to mind and Mr.

Johnson didn’t exactly show any notice

either. In fact, more buttons kept popping off

until the entire buttons from below my bum

were completely blown off! My entire thighs

were now in the open and any further bend

forward was going to reveal the start of my

bare a-s, if not my p—y. Mr. Johnson

suddenly sat up on his bed, and to my

greatest surprise, still kept his eyes on my

a-s and even had this expectation,

bewildering interest and lust written all over

his face!! This encouraged me so much that I

found myself doing more filthy things to

please him. I kept watching him from the

same mirror, monitoring his response and

knew what next to do at each reaction. As

our corporeal game continued, he began

adjusting to the edge of his bed. It kept

looking like he wanted to walk up to me, but

didn’t know how to do so. He got so close to

the edge that his hard d–k easily came into





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