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Johnson's Dickson – Episode 15

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Episode 15
When I noticed that he probably wouldn’t do
more, I made the first move by lifting my
knees so that he could have a better view. I
silently cursed my decision to wear panties! I
just could only imagine what I would have
presented him at that moment if I had no
panties. When I raised my knee, he jolted and
began attempting to walk away, probably
because he felt I was going to wake up. But
he relaxed once he realized that I was still
calm with eyes still closed. He walked back
and even knelt on the floor, obviously in an
attempt to get a closer view. He leaned into
me until his face was just a few inches from
p—y. He came so close to my crotch that I
soon began to feel his breathing on my
p—y, even though I had panties on. My
p—y then began seeping p—y juice and
that looked set to wet my panties in few
After several moments of kneeling and
staring, Mr. Johnson picked the sofa directly
opposite me and sat down. He was still very
close to me and that equally offered me an
opportunity to see his own crotch. And of
course, his d–k was already on alert! You
could see it poking right through the pajamas
he was wearing, forming a terrible bulge in
the course. It was driving me really crazy!
And I begged he could for once act on his
desires. My slightly opened eyes kept tracking
the rod as it kept stretching its way into his
left thigh. It kept doing so until its head
almost touched his left knee! Even though I
could only see the bulge it formed, I simply
couldn’t hold the building c—-x anymore so
in a quick sharp mini-o—-m, my juices
broke free and quietly sprayed my panties.
Mr. Johnson who was still savoring the view
must have seen the way my panties
spontaneously began growing wet because he
grimaced and in what looked like a probable
reaction to the tempting way my panties now
clung unto the folds of my v—a, he plunged
his hand into his pajamas, pulled out his
giant d–k and began wanking it!!! I
spontaneously yanked my eyes wide open,
startled by what I had seen!! Our eyes met
but he didn’t say a word, rather continued
wanking his d–k which was so turgid that I
could literally count the numerous veins that
were formed on it!! I licked my upper lip. We
were apparently going mad and I was more
than willing to take even more risks! So I
quickly found the waist band of my panties in
a bid to pull the moist thing off!! But just as I
began pulling my panties down, the most
dreaded of all happened. We heard Mrs.
Johnson’s voice. She was calling after her
husband from right inside the lobby! I felt like
grabbing Mr. Johnson’s hand and begging
him to at least insert a finger into me, but
before I could sit up on the rug, he had stood
and began walking right back to his bedroom
without saying a word to me. His d–k,
perfectly returned into his pajamas. The world
had just collapsed on me, for the 100th time!!
I woke up by exactly 4:15am. And like you
would expect, getting back to sleep was
almost impossible. After rolling around on my
make-shift bed, I decided it was better to
return to my apartment. I had a heavy heart
and I remember contemplating resigning and
packing out from my apartment that same
day. My entire plans had come crashing down
and the ugly part of the entire thing was the
fact that Mr. Johnson had gone as far as
revealing his d–k to me by himself! Anybody
who had been following the story must
understand quite easily, what that means for
a man of Mr. Johnson’s mild-manner.
Coming face to face with me anytime from
that point should be the most difficult thing
on earth for him! As well as myself, the
fortitude to bear the embarrassment of what
may eventually unfold from any such contacts
was definitely not there. I was already making
some calculations in my head and since Chike
would be returning a day or two from then, it
was the only reason I felt I could stay in the
compound any much longer. Morning duties
were definitely going to wait until the boss
had left the main house. It was a
circumstance I was very worried about.

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