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Johnson's Dickson – Episode 14

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Episode 14
The guest house was where they asked me to
stay, but that was never going to be if, I was
to f–k Mr. Johnson on one of those agreed
nights. Knowing his kind of person, it was
always going to be impossible for him to
approach the guestroom on any of those
nights I would be sleeping there. Never!
Rather, I would still have to hunt for him
myself but I wasn’t going to consider going
into their own bedroom while the wife was
there, though. No I wouldn’t. I had an entirely
different plan.
On that same night I was to sleep at the main
house for the first time, I made sure I
attended to my kids before leaving my
apartment. I gave out some instructions to
my daughter who was of course now very
much of age. I asked her to keep an eye on
her siblings while I was away and that I was
still within the compound after all. After
seeing them, I went into my bedroom to dress
up for the night. I picked up a pink night robe
I had prepared for that moment. It was
alarmingly short as expected and if not for a
pink cotton panty I had underneath, my
na.kedness would have been bare for all to
see. I tied the belt of the robe around my
upper-riff and left for the main house. It was
already 10pm so I quite suspected that they
had gone to bed. So when I got in, I didn’t
bother to inform them that I was about using
the guest room, rather I went straight to the
room in question. However, unlike agreed,
instead of getting myself into bed, I just
picked up the pillows and the duvet on the
bed and began heading to the living room. On
getting there, I made myself a very cozy
sleeping place on the rug at the center of the
room. I undid my robe but didn’t let it drop
completely. It remained on my body but my
boobs were exposed as well as my pink
panties. I also made sure my legs pointed
towards the hallway, meaning no one would
actually walk through without noticing that
someone was at the living room. I was a
living desperate trap for Mr. Johnson. And if
Mrs. Johnson happened to be the game
instead, then the answer would always be
that I was asleep and never knew my clothes
were undone! (More Stories @
However, just like every effective trap, the
right game soon began being lured. Barely
few minutes after I seemed to have fallen
asleep, I was woken by movements in the
hallway. I heard a seat slightly screech on the
floor, causing me to open my eyes, although I
didn’t exactly begin looking to see who it
was. I remained calm and in a question of
minutes, Mr. Johnson came into view. He had
a glass of water in his hand and appeared to
be heading back to his bedroom. However, he
abruptly stopped on sighting my stretched
legs. My eyes were shut but I made sure they
were not shut in a manner that stopped me
from seeing. As Mr. Johnson began climbing
down the few stairs into the living room,
definitely in a bid to know who was lying
there, I observed him descend but of course, I
wasn’t just going to remain inactive, so I
gradually began spreading my lying legs
apart, such that I had my entire panties and
boobs come into full view as soon as he got
into the living room. Once again, he suddenly
halted. He was initially bringing the glass of
water he had in his hand to his mouth but
stopped doing so. I watched his face to see if
I could tell any emotions and yes, it was
there again that night. Just like the previous
day. I saw that unmistaken desire and also a
slight sign of panic. I was to feel that he was
scared at what could happen next. He
probably wished he could do more, but he
remained standing and had his entire gaze
placed on my panty-covered crotch.

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