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Johnson’s Dickson – Episode 13

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Episode 13


But it suddenly seemed like, the more I

waited, the more he would only stand and

stare, so I chose to give him the eye. I hoped

it would make him see the desire in my eyes

and then want to respond. However, the

opposite became the case! And instead of

doing that, immediately I lifted up my eyes,

his met mine and in a convulsive jolt, he

shuddered and in quick pacey steps, briskly

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walked away from the lobby, down the

corridor and into his bedroom. I had lost



One thing was certain, a strategy that

involved having a chance with Mr. Johnson

just once a day was not working and

probably would never work. I was quick to

suspect that for the rest of each day, getting

to see his wife was enough to discourage him

from wanting to act on his desires. Our last

two encounters were enough to explain to me

that he was already trapped. He wouldn’t

have an erection if he was not aroused by

what he saw, talk more of his choice to stand

and stare for several minutes! My real enemy

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wasn’t Mr. Johnson’s resistance, rather, his

wife and I needed to place myself in a

position where I could challenge the woman

for the man’s attention. This gave me an

entirely new idea. I was going to find a way of

moving into the main house. And it didn’t

take long, before I achieved that.

I first told them that I wished to be given little

space in the house where I could be sleeping

over at night. And on the day I did, the

answer I got from Mrs. Johnson, was why?

Mr. Johnson was there with us, but didn’t say

a word at that point. But I told the wife that

the area of the roof above our master

bedroom was leaking and that the other room

for the kids was seriously overcrowded and

that it was going to be difficult sharing that

very room with them. Of course I was telling a

big lie! After all the roof of my *apartment was

only installed 7months before we packed in.

But what wouldn’t I do at that point* to f–k

Mr. Johnson?!! Unfortunately though, Mrs.

*Johnson did not seem to buy that so cheaply!

“Madam *D* , you can manage *the living room

for now”, she insisted. “We will see *that the

roof is fixed** in just 2 days so that you

wouldn’t feel the stress.”

“Mosquitoes bite a lot at the living room,

mother” I was quick to say, Not giving* up

easily. Pleasing enough for me, Mr. Johnson

intervened at this point unexpectedly,

although rather suspiciously.

“Don’t worry honey, let’s just give her the

guest room for some nights. Once we’ve fixed

the roof, she can move back into her

apartment. After all, she is just the one

affected. The kids aren’t coming with her”

I was all smiles so I thanked them both and

was about leaving when Mrs. Johnson

suddenly began talking about the matter


“I will get a carpenter tomorrow while

returning from the office” she said. “If he fixes

it tomorrow, then you are lucky. You wouldn’t

have the need to spend your night out of


But Mr. Johnson interrupted again. And just

like last time, in a manner that looked very

ulterior. “Don’t worry about that honey. I will

get a carpenter myself. You shouldn’t bother”

I didn’t say a word, rather thanked them

again and left. My wish was obviously

granted but the contact told me more than

just that. It seemed Mr. Johnson had been

longing to have me in the main house and

wasn’t going to undermine this latest

opportunity I had just brought to him. And to

confirm that, he never contacted a carpenter,

neither did he even come over to check for a

leaking roof which was of course, nonexistent.

I was very pleased at how my plan was being

executed and I was set to cross to the next

stage. With little effort…

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