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Johnson's Dickson – Episode 12

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Episode 12
Funny enough, it wasn’t long before I heard
footsteps in the hallway. At first I ignored it
since it was quite feint and unconvincing but
soon I confirmed that someone had entered
the house when I noticed the reflections of the
person on the marble floor I was scrubbing as
the person got close to the lobby. It was at
this time that I realized the person was
actually Mr. Johnson! He instantly halted
once he got into the lobby. I remember
wanting to sit up at first, to welcome him but
for some reasons, I did not do that at all.
Instead, I pretended I never knew he was
there. Of course, I was seeing him clearly
from his many reflections on the marble tiles
and could candidly observe that he was
starring at my a-s! Oh! That same a-s of
mine! The reflections I was getting from the
ceramic tiled walls, showed that my skirt was
almost half-way down my buttocks! Leaving
just the panties which was also a great deal
down, leaving the man with a sinful view of
my na.ked a-s cheeks and the start of the
crack of my butt! How I enjoyed what I was
doing! I had him transfixed and he was yet to
make a sound! My p—y responded by
sipping thin strands of c–t juice at once. I
was already roused! So I began to play into
the experience. As I kept scrubbing, I bent my
back in, creating a curve in the course but it
devilishly caused my already wide hips and
buttocks to stick out even more into the air!
This exerted more pressure on the panty and
skirt and in gradual movements, they began
sliding down the more! Each quick glance at
the walls, explained to me how far they had
rode down and by how much I should attempt
going further! This continued until I began
fearing that the two pieces of cloth would end
up collapsing into a heap on my calf. While
that might seem to be a good thing to my
greater aim, I was quick to remember that I
never intended to make him feel insecure. So
once I realized how risky it was going to be
going any further down, I stopped exerting
pressure! But when I looked at the mirror
again, I realized that my p—y was just a
whisker away from coming into view!
Goodness gracious!!
Mr. Johnson hadn’t said a word yet but his
d–k had. Before my panties could get half-
way down my a-s cheeks, his d–k
conspicuously rose across the length of his
trouser!! It cut a profound bulge across his
right leg and it kept pulsating in an attempt
to break free!! He didn’t make a move but his
d–k kept doing so! As I caught glimpses of
this through the reflections on the wall, my
burning p—y poured more juice into my
panties. But I wasn’t satisfied. If he wasn’t
going to grab me and f–k the living daylight
out of me, I wasn’t set to stop! I was going to
keep doing this until he reacted!! So without
any warning, I began to take gradual turning
circles on the floor as I scrubbed on. In no
time, I had turned to where he was standing.
He remained there nonetheless and I felt his
peering eyes were now greeted with another
e—-c view. He was now seeing my plump fat
a-s cheeks straight from the curve of my
back! I could imagine how tempting it
appeared. But that wasn’t my major concern.
I was more interested in the next thing I was
set to do! So without getting to delay him
much longer, I spontaneously rose from my
crawl and subsequently knelt. Sitting into my
calves in the course. As I did, I could feel my
bare a-s cheeks on my legs. This then
brought my extremely damp shirt to full view.
And given how sheer and thin the shirt
material was as well as my aroused engorged
boobs with their poking n—–s, he met a wet
shirt clung onto a heavy set of swollen heavy
melons! My n—–s were piercing through as
though they would poke out of the fabric!
When he saw this, he hissed! He was certainly
enchanted by what he had seen, but I now
needed him to do something! So I remained
the way I knelt, only pretending I was
wriggling away water from the sheet of cloth I
had been drying up the floor with.

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