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Johnson's Dickson – Episode 10

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Episode 10
“Ehhh…you could hav….” he still tried saying
but in a stutter!
From the reflections from the ceramic plates I
was serving him food with, I could see his
completely lost-self attentively staring and
following the many sways of my sprawling
melons! His head and eyes moved from side
to side as my boobs did. I still remained
silent and perfectly pretended as though I
hadn’t noticed that my b—–s were out on
my chest and unconcealed!
After what seemed like several hours, I finally
stood back up and that was when I acted like
I was only realizing that my boobs were out
and everywhere. With a brief utter of the word
‘oops!’ I grabbed the shooters and shoved
them back into my camisole top. Mr.
Johnson only got to realize himself at that
very point too and in apparent
embarrassment, tried returning to his books
again, without saying a word. I waited for a
while for the word or any move that could be
interpreted as a sign to pull off my cloths.
But both never came and instead we were
quickly enveloped by a very loud but awful
silence! He wasn’t going to make a move,
“Oga, you no go chop now?”, I began
erratically, determined to push further.
He didn’t speak but only nodded his head.
Eyes still fixed to the book.
I was of course expected to leave now, but
yet, I couldn’t just come to accept that so I
remained where I was. I didn’t add another
word to my last. I just remained rooted to
where I was while he continued starring into
his book even though I did doubt seriously,
he was actually still reading anything from it.
After about 15 mins, he dropped his book and
closed his eyes. I still didn’t talk. Instead I
sat on his reading chair, just across where
his food was sitting. He suddenly opened his
eyes again, put aside his book and the
blanket he had over himself and began
climbing down from his bed. Still without a
word. I then got to see that he was wearing a
pajama-trouser. When he got to the edge,
just exactly behind the stool that had his
food, he stopped and began getting set to
eat. For me, I needed to justify my reason for
remaining in his bedroom with him. Even
though his refusal to enquire a reason from
me was a clear sign that he wanted me there,
I needed to play better into the game by
putting up any reason I wished. But before I
could say a word, he started to talk.
“Hope you didn’t face any challenges cleaning
the house this morning madam Daniela?”, he
had never asked me such a question before,
and he was looking at his food while doing
so. I could still feel the ice!
“Yes sir”, I replied. Glad he was being a bit
timid. A result of the edge I was driving him
He continued with his questions which did
appear very irrelevant and pointless. But I
tried answering them all. I did later add a
twist to my seduction when I dropped my legs
which I had kept crossed all this while, and
then slowly spread them apart! He stopped
right in his track when he saw it!
“You had…a…you had a need…….”,
he was lost as his eyes couldn’t leave my
exposed crotch.
I had white dotted panty on so I was sure he
must have seen it because he became very
slow in eating his food. But unfortunately,
this was all he did all the while we stayed. I
moved my legs and hip into various angles to
aid his view, hoping to get a reaction from
him, but nothing happened. And after several
minutes that seemed like an hour, he dropped
the shell! He needed to get set for a meeting!
That meant I was being asked to leave!

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