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Johnson's Dickson – Episode 1

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**JOHNSON’S DICKSON*????????????????????????*
_Episode 1_
Yep. So you see that killer of a
woman up there? That’s me!
Daniela Chucks. I am not going to
be surprised if you have ended up
taking more time to really look at
the pic – analyzing every bit of me
in the process and even casting
repetitive glances at it without
end after now. I wouldn’t be. After
all that is what all of them always
do. I mean the guys. They just get
absolutely blown away whenever I
get into their paths. Like some
brazen show-stopper, I am usually
quick to disconnect their heads
from their bodies with that a-s of
mine! This can be in spite of their
girlfriends or wives being with
them as both are always helpless
to the charms of my enchanting
seduction.(More Stories @
Some say I am overly
pompous, others say that I am
simply the most arrogant they
have known, well, while that isn’t
my problem, I seem to be more
interested in the other thing they
equally always have to admit, and
that is, I am an absolute stunner!
Anyways, you will be more
surprised when I tell you more
about myself.
Like I said earlier, my name is
Daniela Chucks. I am from the
South-south region of Nigeria. I
wouldn’t be willing to mention my
precise state of origin here on this
story for privacy reasons but I can
only add that I am fluent in
English, Efik and a bit of Ibo. I am
actually married and have been so
for exactly 20 years by next
month. Given that I am 36 now
(did you think I was that old when
you saw my pic?), you should
easily tell that I had my first kid at
16 (what?!!!). Yea. I was that
sexually active as at that time.
Being very beautiful right from
birth, I easily became a victim of
endless sexual abuse. It began
with an uncle who actually popped
my cherry, and that was when I
was only 9 and half. Since I was
staying with a single mother, it
was difficult for her to really be
the mom (who watches over) while
still hustling for our feeding. I was
often left in the hands of relatives,
friends, neighbors and even plain
strangers on certain occasions.
Growing up was a stark challenge
and before I could get to 12, I had
already had sex with several men.
While I don’t dance over it now, I
wouldn’t deny that I enjoyed every
bit of it back then and can still
remember when it got to the stage
when I began to long after the
men myself. It always paid off too,
since I was very attractive. At 12, I
already had a sex partner who was
over 8 years older than myself. I
also knew homes of so many men,
and on challenging nights, I slept
over at their homes. Mum would
only come looking for me in the
morning – no beating up, not even
a rebuke. And it seemed very

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