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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 7

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Chapter 7
I’m dead a dead meat!
Ah! I screamed in my head.
He broke the kiss, and we stared at each other.
Both of us panting
I pull away from him and stand up.
And he stood up too.
“I-i I’m sorry.” I faced the floor.
He walked out.
A hit of pain flooded in my chest.
It’s okay, if it’s not today then tomorrow or next day will be fine.
I sat on the bed and do my homework.
I looked out of the window on our way home.
Even though I didn’t get the chance to eat food cooked by Zac I’m still happy.
But still sad because when I left I didn’t see him.
“How was the match.” I break the silence.
“As always we won.” Ethan grinned.
Ethan loves winning he never loses.
The car halt and both of us got off the car and went inside our lonely big house.
For the first time I feel so lonely.
Is it because of the kiss?
I walk to my room.
“Clean up, dinner will be ready soon and Samantha is sleeping over.” I turned and glare at him.
“I’m not hungry, I already ate.” I waved my hand.
I don’t really like Samantha.
“Hey! Big Brother careful I’m not ready to become aunt.” His face fell.
grinned and ran to my room.
That look on his face was priceless.
I plumbed on the bed. And my mind drits to the events that took place today.
A smile creep out of my lips.
I just had my first kiss and with my brother’s best friend, with Zac Blaze.
I get up and ran to the bathroom to clean up.
I came out wearing a bathrobe. And lay on my bed.
I toss and turn.
I can’t sleep.
I get my phone and scroll to my contacts.
I see Ria and Ariana’s contacts but I can’t call them.
I scroll down my eyes land on Lola’s contact.
she’s my God mother, my lovely aunt.
The call went through.
*Hey! Alexa* she yelled.
*Hi aunty, I missed you.* I could feel my eyes welled up with tears. *What is it Alexa? Are you okay honey?* I sniff.
*I just had my first kiss.* I laugh and cry at the same time.
*Oh, was it bad?*
*Ah no! It was sweet best thing ever but…* I bite my lower lip.
*But what? Is the boy an asshole or a jerk?* I laugh.
*Oh no no, he is too cold and a fool I think*
*Don’t worry Alexa everything will sort it’s self, go to bed, if you liked the kiss then-* I cut her off.
*liked? Aunty I loved it and I want… .* I’m scared to finish the sentence.
I close my eyes tight.
I want MORE, and I don’t think I can have that.
I puff my cheeks out.
*Goodnight aunty love you*
I hang up.
I spend the whole night thinking about my forbidden love.
Tears roll down my cheeks.
‘Crap! I’m in love, but how? How did it happen?
When? Or where?’
More tears roll down my cheeks.
Finally I drift of to a foreign land. Where there’s Zac and I, where it is full of love and
No third party.
As always my brother drives me to school.
“You look awful, Xandra.” Ethan looks worried.
“Is everything okay? Look you have bags under your eyes.”
“It’s just that I didn’t get enough sleep, studying you know.” I lie.
“Alexandra don’t be too hard on yourself, this is your last year, do you want to look like a dork.” He teases.
I laughed.
“Well no, from now on I will sleep on time.” I peck his cheek before I get off the car.
And watch my brother as he droves away.
“Hey Alex, you look pretty.” Austin grins.
“Thanks.” I walked away from him.
He hurried and catches on.
“Do you care if I take you out for dinner?.”
I was taken aback.
“Why?.” I rush.
“Just.” He said.
I stop and look at him.
He looks very fresh and too handsome.
“That’s impossible, I don’t go for dinners you understand.” I huff, I guess I was little mean.
“Justin look there’s someone outside there dying for your love and care and it’s not me, you’re great and a beautiful nice jerk.” I said at once.
“Finally, you understood but I like you no one else am I that bad for you?.” He glares at me.
“No you’re not bad, it’s just that…, you won’t understand.” I said and hurry to class.
“Alexandra just wait I won’t give up no matter what, you will be mine mine alone, take your time.” He yelled.
And I feel embarrassed as glares fell on my skin.
Arrrghhh! What should I do with him?
I bump into Enfron.
“Are you okay.” He asked.
“No well yeah.” I stare at him.
“Please take care of my Ariana.” He whispered and walked away.
O k ay, that’s new.
Why is there a lot of mess happening?

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