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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 5

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Chapter 5
I got in the car. And I could feel the temperature it’s 0°C it’s so cold. We both kept quiet. Why is he like this?
I have known him for the past four years and he has been cold like this.
He drove off. And turned on the radio, soothing music came out: Love me in dark by sketchy bingo.
I love this song. The atmosphere turned to -0°C.
He was about to turn off the radio when my hand landed on his.
I think we both wanted to switch off the radio.
With just a touch I felt electric current flow through my body and I jerk off.
What the was that!
The car halt and I realized that we have arrived.
I got off the car and he did the same.
Zac lives with his aunt no one knows about his family and they are filthy rich.
My brother trusts Zac so much that I don’t understand why, and sometimes I wonder how do they communicate.
Because Zac is cold and his grey-blue eyes are dead with no soul and my brother is lively and very energetic.
He unlocked the door and both walked inside.
Seems like it’s only the both of us in the house.
He took off his shoes and wore flip-flops
And I stood there at the door not knowing what to do.
“Just wear this.” He pointed to the blue flip-flops.
I stared at him.
“They’re mine.” He said.
“Oh.” I took off my shoes and wear blue flip-flops.
“Come on.” He gripped my hand.
And I felt the tingling sensations. I look up at him. He was so tall 1.8 and I 1.6. I couldn’t question him and I don’t know why?
We walked inside a room “wow” black and white.
Render More Supports To Us By Sharing Out Our Stories To Friends And Medias (TEAM TOPSTER STORIES) Everything is black and white. I guess it is his room.
“You can rest here.” He scratches the back of his head.
“I will make supper.” He said and walked out more like ran away.
He knows how to cook, just great. I laid on his bed and it smells like him, so sweet.
After a while, he called me to have supper and rushed out.
He stared at me awkwardly.
“Come and change.” He said.
And I followed him behind.
He gave me a baggy shirt.
“It will fit you right.”
“I’m not fat or thin, it will fit me perfectly.” I grinned and he nodded and walked out.
I took off my shirt and skirt, only left with tights and a black bra.
I was still folding my uniform when the door burst open and I froze. Oh my God! What should I do?
But I stood there like a statue not moving.
And he only stared at me his upper lip curved upwards for a second then it disappeared.
I was stupified, well find that amusing.
He looked so beautiful and can’t he smile even though I saw a little but I’m sure he looked so beautiful very handsome.
“Supper is ready.” He said and walked out.
I felt so embarrassed and I don’t know how I’m feeling now. He is… I just don’t know.
When I reached the living room, I was shocked at what I saw.
I thought he said he will prepare supper.
But what I’m seeing here it’s pizza and milk.
I rolled my eyes in disbelief.
“Sit let’s eat.” He looked at me.
“I thought you said you will prepare supper,” I mumbled.
“I will, this is it for the meantime.” I know he is lying.
I puffed my cheeks out and start digging.
He ate so slow like a girl, and it was captivating.
I didn’t notice when I stopped eating and stare at him.
He seems like not an ordinary person. Maybe an alien.
I dare not say nonsense.
“Stop being a pervert.” He said.
And I winced. He is a total mess.

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