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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 4

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Chapter 4
Gosh, why are they here, aren’t they supposed to be in college?
The whole cafeteria goes silent.
I dart my gaze away from him, I could feel them getting closer to us.
“What’s up?.” Max sits beside Ria.
Ethan is looking at me.
“Just chilling.” Ariana said.
Zac sits beside me and I tense up. Whilst Ethan sits across us.
“Where is Austin and Efron?.” Ethan glares at me.
“Uhm well they might be with Rick.” I shrug.
“What brings you here?.”
“Coach called us.” I nod my head.
Well, my brother and his friend are basketball champions so they play for our school. They coach the newbies in our school.
Samantha walks towards us, smiling from ear to ear.
“Babe you’re here.” She chews her gum.
And sit on Ethan’s laps. I feel like vomiting blood.
I look up and find Zac staring at me.
“Want some?.” I point at my fries.
He stares at me not saying a word.
Why is he so cold?
He doesn’t like to talk, he will grow old. I feel disappointed.
“Okay.” He said.
Did he just agree, I look at him again and a small smile forming in my lips and my eyes shone.
He dips his fingers in my fries, I could my heart blossom with joy.
“Eat more,” I said and he nodded.
I like I have accomplished an important mission.
I look at Ethan who is happily chatting with Samantha and my eyes dart on Ria and Max who is talking but Ria seems uninterested but Ariana seems interested.
Our eyes lock, Ria smiles at me and look at her food.
What’s wrong with her?
Thank God, Austin and Efron are not here, troublemakers.
I feel at ease, Zac and I eat our fries joyfully. I’m happy and I don’t know about others.
Bell rang.
As I stood up. Ethan calls.
“Xandra, Zac will drive you.” He said.
For some reason, I’m happy and nervous, it’s just that he is like Ethan very strict, I dare not spout nonsense in front of him.
But Zac is too cold he has this cold freezing domineering aura. He talks less and never smiles.
“Okay.” I nod. and walk away with my friends.
“What did Zac say?.” Ria commands.
“Nothing.” She looks at me in a weird way.
“He is just too cold to approach,” I said.
“Can I ride with you?.” She beams.
Dang, it! Why now.
“I don’t think so.” I smile.
“You know, I won’t be going home instead,” I said truly.
“Where are you going?.” Ariana asked.
“Zac’s place,” I muttered.
“Alone with him,” Ria said.
I didn’t say a thing, we separate and walk to our respective classes.
I don’t like how Ria was interrogating me, it’s like will do anything.
I walk out of the school building, I’m just so happy. I’m cheeks hurt from smiling.
But soon it fades as Austin appears in front of me like a ghost.
“Hey.” I said softly.
“Going home.”
“Yeah.” I feel kind of guilty for saying all shitty stuff I said this morning.
“Aah Justin I didn’t mean all of those stuff.” I said.
“I understand.” He said. And I nodded.
I hear a car honk.
I turn and see Zac waving at me.
“Bye.” I said and hurried to the car.

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