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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 39

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Chapter 39
“It’s okay mommy when daddy comes back, we will make things hard for him okay?.” She said.
With her little serious voice.
“Oh, okay.” I was speechless.
“Mom come on let’s make lunch I want to rest.”
I wonder if this Sierra is my mother or I’m her mom.
“Fine baby.”
“Urgh! Mom don’t call me a baby, I’m no longer a kid, soon I will take care of you.”
“Sierra! Y-you evil girl.” Hmph!
“Mom don’t be angry I’m stating the fact.” She walked inside the kitchen.
This girl will surely kill me one day.
Is she an adult in a child’s vision.
We both prepared lunch.
Sandwiches and milk.
After a while we were done eating.
“I will take a nap and around five we will check the view around.” Sierra grinned.
“Isn’t mommy?.” She winked.
“Yeah okay.” We both separated to our different rooms.
Sierra has never been a kid even though she’s still a child.
But she never cried or make things hard for me.
Neither is she that obedient or disobedient.
For sure she’s stubborn and many people love her and adore her.
Such an evil child.
“Wow mommy this place is awesome.” She beamed.
And I was glad that she likes this residence.
“Mommy look at that big mansion, it’s the biggest mansion here.”
Yeah there’s this big mansion like a white penthouse.
Such a beautiful villa.
“Mom, you have to marry a rich man.” She snorted.
“Uh! Why?.” I was curious.
“We will leave in the big house, and he’s rich and handsome even if he gets old and ugly better because you will have all the money and if he’s broke better because he will be handsome right?.”
“You! Evil child how dare you!.”
“Mom I know that your mind is slow, so I have to think on your behalf.” She shook her head.
I picked on my nails.
“How do you know that, it’s a man living there?.” I pointed at the white mansion.
“The security guards said so.”
“Oh right.” I remember.
“You see mom when I said your mind slowly you need me.” She had a poker face.
Why is my daughter not a girl?
I mean be sweet like a girl she is.
Good Lord help!.

“Sir the woman and her child have arrived.” Maya said.
“Okay great, I thought they wouldn’t.” I buried myself in work ever since my uncles have kicked out and jailed for rap and murder. Dead sentence.
“Do you need anything sir?.” Maya said.
“Have any reports about the woman I’m searching for arrived.
“No sir.”
My heart sank, I have been looking for you Alexandra for the past two years this mark the third year.
“Okay you may leave.”
She turned and walked away.
Did she really move on without me.
I flied back to Chicago but there was no one and their neighbor told me she left with her family.
Could she be out of my reach?
I rest my head on the chair.
*Hello Tom.*
*yeah thank you.*
*I will began tomorrow.*
I hung up.
Tom is the man who I went for training for about 1-2years.
For radio cast and how to find information and being a competent journalists.
It was fun tho.
Transform yourself in different ways.
Tomorrow I will begin casting in a radio.

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