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In Love With My Brother’s Best Friend – Episode 38

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Chapter 38



Darling please take my hand


Please get up, rise to stand



I can’t be the one to sing your song Cause I believe it’s not your fault Don’t be scared you are my rock Nothing’s gonna hold you down for long



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Sometimes we break so beautiful


And you know you’re not the only one


I breathe you in so sweet and powerful


Like a wildfire burning up inside my lungs


I’m burning up


I’m burning up


I’m burning up




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I bite my lower lip to stop myself from screaming.



It hurts like hell.



“Please hold on, darling.” My mom tries to calm me.



“Mom will she be okay?.” Ariana asked.



“Yeah, she will.”



I was rushed into the ER, my abdomen hurts.



I was sweating like crazy, and I curse Zac for putting me in this condition.



I wanted to rip him apart. Tears streamed down my cheeks.




And the nurse who was standing beside me yelling. Telling me to push.



I wanted her to shut up. So frustrating.



I breathed out. When the child’s cry was heard.



I felt myself losing consciousness. And I fainted.











I was getting nervous every minute that passes by. Almost thirty minutes and we haven’t heard anything.



“Mom, my sister will be fine right?.” My heart clenched.



“Yes, she will be.”



Ariana was pacing up and down.



“Calm down Ariana she will be fine.”



“B-but.” Tears rolled down her cheeks.



“Come on she will be fine, mom assured,” I said.



She wiped her tears and nod.



“What a friend.”


One hour later the ER light turned off.



And a nurse walked out carrying a baby.



Mom, Ariana and I rushed to her immediately.



“How is my friend?.” Ariana asked.



“She is fine we will shift her to the ward, she needs to rest.” The nursed said.



“The baby?.” I asked.



“Congratulations its a girl.”



“Oh my.” Mom gasped.



“Can we see her?.” I asked.



“Okay only for few minutes, she needs to be checked out, then we will bring her back.” The nurse explained.



I sneaked a peek, she is so small very small.



“So beautiful.” Ariana grinned.



“Yeah, she is.” Mom was very happy.



“She is, I will bring her back.” The nurse walked away with the baby.



Smiles plastered on our faces.



Two hours later.



Xandra’s ward was full of laughter.



“Mom thank you,” Alexandra said, with smiles on her face.



“You don’t have to say that, you’re my Princess and I must be there for you.” Mom pecked her forehead.



Ever since mom and dad came back from New Zealand, they haven’t left, always there for their Princess every step of the way.



I’m proud to be their son.



“What’s the name of the baby?.” Mom asked.



“Sierra, that’s what Zac said.” She murmured.



“Wow! Such a beautiful name.” Ariana grinned.



We didn’t speak loudly because the baby was asleep.



The nurse told us that she is very healthy.



No disease or anything.















It has been five years and still had this little hope that someday Zac will find his way back to me.



I waited but he didn’t, I guess now it’s time to start afresh



I’m studying journalism, I kinda like the job, and a radio show called Love Me. And I enjoy the show.



And Journalism is fun Sneaking around, being a spy and all that.



I’m not that silly but it’s just fun.



“Take care of Alexandra and the baby too.” Mom said concerned.



“Don’t you want to live the baby with me?.”



“Ah! No! Mom, I want her by my side.” I said.



“Goodbye Uncle and grandma, I love you all.” Sierra waved at them



She only four but smart. She’s like an adult. Always keeps herself clean.



Her blue-grey eyes remind me of her dad.



And those eyes makes her stand out from other children so unique.



*The flight to New York will take off in 5 minutes.*



The attendance yelled.



“Mom, take care of yourself And dad, Ethan you too. I love you guys.”



I rushed my words, as I packed my bags.



“You too darling,” Mom yelled as she waved at me.



I was given the scholarship as one of the top 3 students in Rainbow collage.



I was transferred to New York and the other students to Paris and new Texas.



I will finish my studies there and join IMAGINE MAGAZINE. cool right?






The flight took off.



And I sat beside the window with my baby.



A few hours later the plane landed.



As I stepped out of the airport. The fresh air of New York brushes my face.



The city of dreams right?



We might never go off.



Everywhere is busy, I like this place men in suits and cases marching to work and women too.



I hailed a cab



“Bright lights.” The driver looked at me for a while. Before nodding.



The drive took hours before we arrived.



It’s a private residence with tough security.



I murmured a thank you before I am alight.



I walked to the security service and showed my scholarship card.



Before they nodded and let me.



“House 7, please ma’am don’t step on the mansion 21 its off-limit.”



The security guard said.



“Is there anyone important living there?.” I was curious.



“Not really but that mansion belongs to a rich cold scary young man Mr. Zachary Blaze.”



The security guard said.



“Oh okay thank you.” I smiled at him.



And walked inside the residence.



They are big mansions and a small mansion.



I think mine is small and I was right.



I paid for this house but it’s on credit cost around 1.7 million. And I don’t care as long as my baby and I are safe.



Being a journalist it’s kind of little dangerous.



“Mommy this is our new house.” She beamed.



“Yeah, it is.”



“My daddy’s house?.” I was caught off-guard.



“Uh, not really.”



I was settling our bags.



The mansion has furniture and everything, it all belongs to me, I spent fortunes for this house.



“How about I get you a new dad,” I asked



She kept silent, and her eyes narrowed. Her face turned dark, she doesn’t like the Idea.



“Okay.” She smiled. I know that it’s not genuine.



She doesn’t want too.



And how will I find her dad.



I puff my cheeks out.





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