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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 35

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Chapter 35
No need to imagine
‘Cause I know it’s true
They say all good boys go to Heaven
But bad boys bring Heaven to you
It’s automatic
It’s just what they do
They say all good boys go to Heaven
But bad boys bring Heaven to you
You don’t realize the power they have Until they leave you and you want them back Nothing in this world prepares you for that I’m not ashamed that he wasn’t the one Had no idea what we would become There’s no regrets
I just thought it was fun
“Why are you so good to me?.” I looked at his face trying to study him.
“I I’m good to cute, beautiful girls you know.”
He shrugged.
“Jerk, here I thought you will say something so cool, I should have known better.”
I shook my head, and continued to eat.
“Tell me about him.” He said.
I was caught off guard.
“He is a good person you know, I liked him for a long time, at first thought that I was scared of him but no I wasn’t, I respected him so much and loved him more than I love myself.
“He is the kindest person ever and a quiet as ever, he’s too handsome and beautiful.
“Brandon, do you know when he smiles feels like the time as stopped, at first he didn’t smile or laugh genuinely, being with him every day was a dream come true, he took care of me very well. I’m just mad that he left without a proper goodbye.”
I touched my stomach. And my lips curve more as I smile.
“Do you know what was my greatest lesson, no matter how much you can love someone if they don’t love you back just let them, love can’t be forced you can’t always beg for their affection. He is not a bad person circumstances are bad.
“You can do anything for them but don’t expect anything in return, just keep on loving them.
“He was the best thing and tragedy thing to happen to me, but he didn’t leave me without anything, he left something precious behind.
Now the only thing I care about it’s my baby, I’m already connected to my baby, even if I’m still young too, but I want to give all my love and attention to it.”
“Look at you.” Brandon chuckled as he pinch my cheek.
“You will be the best mom in the world.”
I beamed.
“Yeah, I want to be that, even though my parents showered me with love but still there’s something that is lacking, most of the time they are traveling.
“But I don’t want that, I want my baby to be besides me.”
“You love him right, if not you would hate this baby.”
“Yes, I do love him but it’s not the baby’s him too, even though this baby was not planned.”
“Brandon about what happened this few days_.”
He cut me in.
“I understand you were just heartbroken and that affected your brain not to function well.”
I hit his arm.
“Hey don’t say that, my brain was not disable.”
He burst to a laughter.
“I will be back, I need to sign a paper work so they can discharge you.”
I nodded.
He walked out from the room.
Now it’s me and my baby, my Own Baby mine ALONE.

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