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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 34

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Chapter 34
NB: must read the song
Lie and tell myself I can make it on my own Making it alone is lonely
Twisting and I’m turning
Oh, I’m crashing and I’m burning
So reach out your hand to me
Come down
Rescue my heart
I’ll drown without you
Come down
And rescue my heart
I’m deep underground
I can’t dig my way out
So come down
(Rescue my heart, rescue my heart)
I walked away from the car, I feel suffocated.
I need to breathe. I knelt down.
Everything will be fine just breathe.
I felt an urge to vomit. What’s happening to me? Everything seems to be rotating.
I began to sweat, I felt myself going weak and zoomed out. Finally, I slumped from the floor.
I heard Brandon call my name.
“Alexandra wake up hurry.”
I smiled, “Zac I will be fine, please don’t go.”
“Hey! I’m Brandon.”
I lost consciousness.
I can’t breathe any faster
All the air I wanna capture
It’s heavy and it hurts my head
If you found me would you save me?
If you touched me would it break me?
Will I come back from this?
Come down
Rescue my heart
I’ll drown without you
Come down
And rescue my heart
I’m deep underground
I can’t dig my way out
So come down
Rescue my heart
Rescue my heart
Rescue my heart
Rescue my heart
I heard something beeping.
Where am I?
I opened my eyes slowly at first the version was blurry.
“Alexandra, are you okay?.” I heard Justin’s voice.
My version becomes clear.
“Don’t say anything, your brother will come later.”
How did he find out?
“Do you know Alex, I have been looking for a time to be with you alone, but every time something gets in the way.”
What is he saying?
“Please call Ethan.”
He touched my cheek with his palm.
“Alex please don’t do this, look we have a chance let’s not waste it, I can’t wait anymore.”
“Wait for what Justin?.”
“To love you, to touch you to kiss you, Alex.”
This is too creepy.
“Uh, we can’t do that because I don’t love you.”
I tried to reason.
“I don’t care, I will love you, Alexandra, please don’t say no.”
“You have been locked up and that’s not right.”
I felt a cold unwelcoming chill run through my spine.
“You’re pretty to be locked in.” He faced moved closed to mine.
As he climbed on the bed and hovered over me.
“What are you doing? This is not right.” He is going crazy.
“Alex this once then after we will do it again when you are fine.”
He removed the sheet that was covering me.
“No! No, Justin stop please don’t, we are in the hospital for god’s sake.”
I tried to buy some time.
“But no one will get in for the next three hours.”
“How sure are you?.”
“Okay fine just a kiss right?.”
“Please Justin I’m not feeling well.”
“One kiss and I will let you go.” He moved closer.
My eyes popped out.
This bastard.
“Justin, not now later okay.”
He hand slipped in my shirt, his cold hands on my stomach.
I cringed at his touch.
“Don’t do this Justin my brother will find out.”
He smirked.
“You pervert, jerk_” He cut in before I could finish.
“If you say one more word I will kiss you.” He warned.
And I narrowed my eyes.
“Get off me you bastard, I don’t love you Justin don’t you get it!.” I yelled at him.
“Don’t say I didn’t tell you.” His hand trailed up to my boobs.
He slammed his lips with mine.
It hurts.
I tried to push him away but I was powerless.
Is he going to rape me this bastard?
I can’t let this happen.
He wanted for entrance but I kept my teeth clenched and my lips in a line.
He pinched my waist
Ouch! That hurts my eyebrows furrowed.
I winced in pain and bit his lower lip.
I felt something warms in my lips.
He pulled away and slapped me.
“Arrggg why are you doing this.” My brother will find out and I Will die.”
He licked his lips again with mine.
With a smooch…
I struggled to push him away.
“Hey what are you doing?.” Brandon.
Walked in.
Justin pulled away immediately.
“And who are you?.” Justin glared at Brandon.
“I should be asking you that, she’s my girlfriend.”
I felt myself at ease.
“No she’s my girlfriend I think you are in a wring ward,” Justin said.
“I’m sorry that I came, late babe.” Brandon ignored Justin and walked passed him.
“Congratulations we are pregnant.” He grinned.
My eyes almost popped out.
“Pre-pre what?.” I was confused.
“You’re one week and two days pregnant.”
“That’s a lie she can’t be pregnant and who are you?.” Justin was angry.
Brandon leaned and kissed me on the lips.
And I kissed him back.
“B-but you and Zac.”
“Yes we were dating, I already told you I don’t like blonde hair guys.”
He rushed out very angry.
“That dude is crazy.” Brandon shook his head.
“Thank you so much, Brandon.” I pecked his cheek.
“You’re pregnant.”
“What stop joking not funny.” I poked his arm.
“No, I’m not you are.”
W-what I thought he was kidding.
I don’t know why but I felt very happy my heart bloomed with joy.
“You’re smiling, that is the best smile ever.”
I shrugged.
“I’m happy very happy.”
Even if he is not here but at least I have a beautiful memoir with me.
“When is my brother coming?.”
“I called him, and he answ…”
“I think that guy answered my call, the voices are similar.”
“And he lied to me, saying that he would be late.”
“That’s creepy, he is a psycho.”
I was lost in thoughts.
Brandon, he is a real psycho, I should stay away from him.
“Come on eat, and enough of crying.”
“Now you eat for two.”
I chuckled. He is too good.

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