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In Love With My Brother’s Best Friend – Episode 33

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Chapter 33



Summer after high school when we first met


We’d make out in your Mustang to Radiohead


And on my 18th birthday we got matching tattoos




Used to steal your parents’ liquor and climb to the roof Talk about our future like we had a clue Never planned that one day I’d be losing you



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After I was done bathing, I made supper.



I made Casserole I was so damn hungry.



Left some for Ethan, when I was done I washed my plate and strolled to my room.



I needed to rest.



My mind drifted to Zac, Aarghh why can’t I take him out of my mind?

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My heartbeat speed up. What’s wrong with me, I suddenly felt myself getting hot?



Zac please be safe.



I hope he is alright nothing bad should happen to him. I still need him.



I love him more than I hate him. And this has to stop.



I don’t know how I slept off.



“Zac please wake up! Our baby Zac need you.”



Blood covered Zac.



“I’m sorry Alexa that I failed you again.” He touched my stomach.



And cough out blood.



“Please take care of Sierra and I love you both.”



His eyes closed.



I cried while hitting his chest.



“You can’t do this to us, you always leave me behind will I ever caught with you?.”



“I hate you Zac I hate!.”






My eyes opened at once. I was sweating profusely.



I felt something hot in my cheeks. When I touched my eyes.



For real I was crying, in my dream. He was shot in the heart.



Gosh! What was that? Nightmare…



I think about him and also dream about him.



But I hope he’s fine.



I don’t want to remember anything about that dream.


I checked the time on the wall clock almost five in the morning.



I wore my sleepers and walked downstairs.


I need water.



After getting water, I couldn’t sleep again.



I spent the two hours reading. When it was seven. I prepared myself for school.



Yesterday I didn’t see Ethan and today too.



This is so boring.



Mom and dad won’t come back now. I missed them so much.



Maybe New Zealand is so fun, they don’t want to come back.



Even though they called me on my birthday.



I still miss them.



I was about to ride the school bus when a familiar car stopped at my front.



“Hop in.” Brandon said.



Once I got in I thanked him.



“Thank you for yesterday and today.”



“It’s nothing, how was your night?.”


I remembered of my dream.



“Just fine and you?.” I said back.






He smell so nice but not like Zac.



They are both awesome! In different ways.



“Can you take me to the park?.” I said suddenly. I don’t feel like going to school.



I’m not well.



“Are skipping school.” He mused.



“I’m not feeling well, I need an open space to breath.”






Suddenly katy perry’s sing boomed from the stereo



In another life


I would be your girl


We’d keep all our promises


Be us against the world



In another life


I would make you stay


So I don’t have to say


You were the one that got away


The one that got away



Memories came on rushing to my head, the kisses the hugs. Laughs we shared and how crazy he was and he turned me into something else then he left.



He liked me but he never loved me. I gave him my all but he could treasure that as well.



Night after getting intimate he ran off like that.



He got what he wanted.



“Can you please turn the song off.” I said.



“Whoa! What happened.” He chuckled.



“Just turn it off!.” I yelled at him.



I hate this song.



“Okay cool down.”



He turned it off.



“Brandon drop me here.” I said.



“But we are few miles away from the park.”



“Please.” I looked at him pleading.




“Okay fine.” He hit the breaks.




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