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In Love With My Brother’s Best Friend – Episode 32

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Chapter 32






Yesterday I couldn’t sleep I spent the whole night thinking about Alexa.



And today the same thing, I wonder if she’s fine. I just keep on thinking her. How is she? Is she doing fine? Did she have her and lunch?



This is so funny but in a sad way. I love her so much, I’m doing this for us.


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And when I come back for her.



Sure I will make her mine if I could, I would’ve ran into her arms.



Her smiles and giggles are in my mind. Everything about her makes me love her again and again.



It hurts to be away from her.



Turn the lights on!



Oh wo-oh, oh wo-oh

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We share something so common


Still so rare, and I’m in awe


Never been here before


So high, we’re still climbing


Even here inside these walls


Breaking each other’s hearts


And we don’t care ’cause we’re so…



…In too deep, can’t think about giving it up


But I never knew love would feel like a heart attack


It’s killing me, swear I never cried so much


‘Cause I never knew love would hurt this fu.ckin’ bad


The worst pain that I ever had


Turn the lights on!



Oh wo-oh, never never never knew love (oh wo-oh) would hurt this fu.ckin’ bad


The worst pain that I ever had












I picked my books and walked out of the class. To the parking lot.



I just want to go home. And be alone for some time.



“Alexa Ethan said he will be late, should I take you home.” Justin blocked my way.



“Oh! He told me I know, but thanks.” What a liar. When did I become such a professional liar?



I guess I learned from the best.



Outside was full and cars were booming with the loud music.



“Hey! Want a lift.” Brandon’s car pulled in front of me starting the shit out of me.



“Why not.” I got in.



And we took off.



“You don’t look good.” He laughed.



“Yeah sure, just got heartbroken.” I grinned at him.



“Oh.” His lips formed an ‘O’ so perfect.



“Heartbreak, that’s why I hate girls and most relationships.”



I chuckled.



“So what’s next?.”



“I’m gonna lock myself in a room and cry with my ice cream.” I puffed my cheeks out.



“Well seems like a good plan.”



He took a box of cigarettes on the dashboard.



“Smoking too much will kill you.” I scolded.




“What can I do, I’m so fu.cked, everyone has issues you know, the only difference is how you choose to deal with them.”



He stared at me and smile.



Brandon is very handsome. His look can hypnotize you.



He’s that guy when you find on the road you can stare at him even turning your head because you can’t get enough.



“I want you to make you my rebound.”



Shit, what am I saying?



But I think that will be awesome!



“Nah it’s okay no rebound, Alexa you’re a very pretty girl don’t make yourself so cheap, I would surely like to be your rebound but, you’re heartbroken, just focus on your exams we will talk after that.” He said.



And I frowned.



“Why are you lecturing me.” I scoffed.



“Look I want competition with you, I want to see if you could beat my score by becoming the first this time, it’s your chance.”



“Hmph! I could do it you know, I’m not dumb.” I puffed my cheeks.



“Well I want fire in you to keep on burning until we are done writing exams.” He winked at me.



“Yeah sure.”



The car halt.



I felt sad inside. I love his company, he’s way too cool. I didn’t want to leave.



“Come here.” I moved my face close to his.



“I thought you hate me.” He whispered in my ears.



His cold breath brushed my ear.



“No I don’t, it’s just you are very bad, bad boy.”



Before I could pull away.



Our lips brushed.



“Once we start no strings attached and no sex.”



I felt my throat dry up.



“Yes deal no strings and no sex.”



“But after Exams.” He said.



“Come Brandon at least we could steal some hugs and kisses.”



I whined.



“Okay fine you’re so stubborn, remember so strings attached, I’m just your rebound.”



“But why do you want this?.” I asked him.



“Because you could help me chase some monkeys.” He laughed.



And I chuckled.



“Do you mean that I’m so ugly that your monkeys will run away when they see me huh?.”



I pulled out a straight face.



“Your bitches better get ready for me.”



“Alexa this will be going on only for two weeks because after that I’m moving to New York, I got a scholarship.”



“Wow! Brandon that is great, I don’t know about me I applied in some college too but haven’t got a reply.”



“Well wish you all the best.”



I don’t know what wrong with me.



Brandon Brandon.



I pecked his cheek and got off.



I waved at him, I rushed inside the house.


Once I stepped in, I felt Zac’s presence.



He is not here Alexa.



I just love him so much and I’m not going to deny this.



This is the thing I hate when I’m outside It’s Brandon and once I step in this house is Zac.



Brandon is just a rebound but Zac is my heart.



But I won’t. I have cried enough.



I can’t live in the past. Time to move on.





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