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In Love With My Brother’s Best Friend – Episode 26

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Chapter 26



I didn’t know that I could want you so deep


Until I saw you with someone who’s not me


You’ve got me playing in a game that ain’t fair


But you’re taking me there, yeah you’re taking me there



Oh, I can’t help myself, it’s human nature, human nature


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Who’s to say what’s meant to be?


Oh, why can’t we be on our worst behaviour, worst behaviour


When it comes so naturally



I would like, to get, to know you baby


Like to get, under your sexy body


I would like, to get, to know your baby


Like to get, under your sexy body



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Zac ordered two glass of different drinks, sex on the beach it’s a non-alcoholic drink obviously is for me.



And for himself a vodka.



Ricky is having a nice time with Beauty. They are so close.



And Ariana is between Max and Efron as for Ria sat beside Max.



I guess Justin won’t be coming over.



I take a sip.



I was surprised when I heard ‘sex on the beach.’



I was like what’s that?! I have never heard of it.



I’m so happy that I’m having a nice time with Zac, so sweet.



Totally sex on the beach tastes so sweet but sour. I could have more of this.


“Do you like it!,” Zac whispered in my ears.



“Huh?.” I turn my head to face him.



“Do you like the drink?.” He smirked looking all devil ish.



And I just stare at him, lost in the moment.



“Yup.” I grin.



The smell of his breath makes want to suck up the hair. I want the drink he’s having.



“Can I have that?.” I point at his drink.



“No!.” He says defensively.



“Please.” I pout.



With puppy eyes.



He groans, “Okay, fine take mine.”



Somewhere in the corner, Ria is talking to the waitress.



“Give that guy a drink.” She drops four pills inside the drink.



“Sure, ma’am.” She tips the waitress with four hundred dollars.



The waitress pass by Zac’s side.







“Please give me a drink.” Zac takes another glass from the waitress.



And I continue with drinking this one.



We drink and chat, today I’m laughing a lot.



He starts to shift. Uneasy.



And I noticed this for the past five minutes.



“Zac are you okay?.”



“I’m fine, I will just go to the washroom.” He said.



He stood up and walked away.



I don’t feel well too.










I don’t feel well, I don’t really feel good. I rush to wash, I hope it’s not what it is.



I wash my face with cold water.


I feel my body getting hot.



I walked out of the washroom.



“Zac are you okay?.” Tia holds my arm.



I remove her hand. “Yeah, I’m fine.”



My body is getting hot and strong.



“Come with me, I will make you feel better.” She smirked.



“Zac, what are you doing here Alex is worried.”



Ria cursed as Beauty rushed towards us.



“Oh my God! You’re not fine, your face is getting red. You are drugged aren’t you?.”



I nod, “Please take me out of here, away from Alexa.” I groan.



“I will take him, you take care of Alex,” Ria said.



“No that won’t work Alexa is her girlfriend so she has to help him.” Beauty smirks.



I could feel Ria nails dig my flesh.



“Just take me home.”









“Alex, Zac is not feeling well.” Beauty said worriedly.



“Whatever may happen today is not his fault, he is drugged.” I nod.



But my mind is on Zac.



“Take care of him.” Beauty grins.



Zac was sitting in the back seat. He doesn’t look like well.



“Take me to the hospital.” I don’t know which way to go from here. I only know my way home.



“It’s okay Zac.” I drive home.



I could hear him groan and curse.



Once we arrive I help him out and rush him to my room.



“Alexa please get out.” He yelled.



“No, I’m not leaving.”



He touches my face.



“I don’t want to hurt you.”



I could see that he is hurting.



I hug him, but he suddenly starts to kiss me.



And push me on the bed.



His hands unsteady. He pulls off my baggy jacket leaving me with a crop top.


(Join Group) More stories @ His hands move to my shorts. He unbuttons it.



What the heck is he doing?



“Zac wait.” But he doesn’t listen.



I’m not ready for this.



“Zac please.” I cried out.



But his lips locked to mine.



He kisses me so rough like a hungry lion. It hurts.



I want to push him away from me, but he’s too strong.



I can’t I even tried to hit his chest but it’s like he doesn’t feel anything I end up feeling exhausted.



I cry loud as the pain shoots between my legs. Tears roll down my cheeks.


Followed by another tear And another one and they become unstoppable.



He thrust into me fiercely again and again. My eyes close shut.


I’m getting powerless.



“Enough,” I mutter but he doesn’t stop.



I space out. I tried to open my eyes but they get blurry. And shut down.









I open my eyes and look beside me. My eyes almost popped out from its socket.



What have I done?



Her neck is full of love bites and on her cheeks too.



Gosh! What did I do?



I could still hear telling me to stop. and I didn’t. I kept on thrusting on and on.



She moves and blinks, her gaze fell on me. And she immediately looks away.



She hates me now, I have hurt her, I’m so stupid, I should’ve run away from there.



I’m such a bastard.



She covers herself and walked to the bathroom without sparing me another glance.



I feel so horrible. Like my uncles.



It comes back to me, how she cried the other day.



And how Alexa cried yesterday.



I feel hot liquid roll down my cheeks. Am I cry for the past 12 years I never shed a tear. I never felt anything but now I could feel my heart tearing apart.






It hurts I couldn’t look at him. It’s so embarrassing. I rushed to the bathroom. But I heard sobs.



Is there a ghost in this house.



I creak the door open. Oh my gosh!



Zac is crying, I rush to him.



He look away from me.



“I’m sorry, Alexa.” He cries.



I didn’t mean to rape you.”



I frown at his words. I just feel like them it mustbe painful.”



Did I make him misunderstand the situation?



“Hey don’t cry and who said that you’re rapist, look I’m okay.” I brush him her on his forehead.



“I didn’t mean too.” His raspy voice sounds so good.



“I know that you would not hurt me, okay, you were just rough that’s all, and your thing it’s too big,” I said opening my arms wide.



He laughed. And held my waist.



Burying his face on my tummy. And kiss it.



It feels so ticklish. He looks up at me.



“Next time I will be gentle.” He look serious.



My eyes almost pop out.



There is going to be a next time!



Then I’m dead…






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