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In Love With My Brother’s Best Friend – Episode 25

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Chapter 25



Hey now, hey now


Hey now, hey now



Have you ever seen such a beautiful night?


I could almost kiss the stars for shining so bright



When I see you smiling I go, “Oh, oh, oh” I would never want to miss this ‘Cause in my heart, I know what this is

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Hey now, hey now


This is what dreams are made of


Hey now, hey now


This is what dreams are made of


I’ve got somewhere I belong


I’ve got somebody to love


This is what dreams are made of


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“Omg! I don’t know what dress.” I sulk as I sit on the bed.



“Come on Alex, you have tons of clothes, so what you mean?.” Ariana taps my forehead



Seriously I never cared about what I dress or look, but now I care hmph!



“Let me help.” Beauty scan my wardrobe.



The girls have already dressed up, and looking all beautiful, but me none.



Wear this, she hands a black crop top, pink shorts, baggy white jacket, and 3 inch black up to my knees.



“Wow! Alexandra, when did you get these?.”



I even forgot I bought this in New York, it was family outing, ‘I so love Ariana’ so I bought the same style of clothes. The funny part is I never wore this clothes.



I shrug, “One year ago.”



“But I never saw you in these.” Ariana grins



“Because I never worn them.”



“Okay, enough with chit chat, go and change.” Beauty scolds.



“You sound like my mom.” I sulk.



I glance at the corner and Ria is busy with her phone, what is up with this girl?



I shook my head and walk to bathroom. In a while I come out.



Beauty gasped “Wow! You look awesome!.” Beauty said.



“Yeah she does too beautiful, what do you think Ria.” Beauty raise her head.



She look stunned for a second and it disappeared.



“She looks okay.” She shrugs and turn back to her phone.



Ariana sticks her tongue out at her.



“Zac, will die when he sees you, you both deserve each other, no one will love him like you do.”


I blush as Beauty continued to talk.



“He’s been through a lot, he needs someone like you.” She hugs and whisper in my ears.



“Keep your man away from other girls even means us your friends, can’t be trusted.” She peck my cheek.



And I’m shocked at what she just said.



Beauty did my makeup light as I wanted it to be. My hair in pony, exactly like Ariana Grande.



“Will Ricky come?.” She beams.



“I think so.”



I pout when I think of him.



“Come on, hurry guys.” We all march downstairs.



Ria is the one that is driving us, we already decided to meet the boys in the club.







Fifteen minutes later we arrive, the music is booming everywhere. The car lot is full. This place is full.




Outside you could see couples talking and making out.




While others are in groups talking and laughing. This place makes me nervous I could feel myself shaking.



We all step out, one thing I realized the formation is so cool.



I could feel stares on us.



With every step we take, the more stare at us and it makes me feel kind of excited.



I wish Ethan was here, he must really angry now, probably because I’m dating Zac behind his back.



I really want to hug my brother and ask for forgiveness, I want things to be okay.



My dad, Ethan and Zac are three important men in my life and I wish it could stay like that.



We enter inside the club showing our IDs on the bodyguards outside.



The bouncers are so build and scary. I was shaking.



We made our way inside. Wow! There’s a dance floor and the lounge. And a VIP lounge I spot the guys.



I could feel my knees getting weak.



He look handsome, and I just want to kidnap him and lock him in my room and do anything with him.



He grins when our eyes lock, he look so cute, I’m shaking and sweating, this is totally injustice how could he be so handsome.



He walks over, Ariana pokes my waist.



I turn to find her smiling at me. I’m nervous so nervous.



“You look beautiful.” He take my hand in his.



And pull in a hug. He cologne makes me feel drowsy, I sniff.



Almost all the girls are staring at us.



I bury my face on his chest, and hide my shyness and red cheeks.



He peck my forehead.



Am I allowed to faint here, because I want to.



“Let’s leave the love birds here.” Beauty drags the girls away to the lounge.



The music is loud that I could feel my ears tearing up.



“You’re beautiful and you always are.” He whispered in my ears.



I raise my head and our eye lock.



I reach out my hand to his cheek and kiss him on the lips.



How did I get so bold?



I could feel the nasty stares. And the worst one is from my friend.



My heart leaps.






Well the person who called Ethan most of you failed only few got it right. Who is the new girl?



Ria! My heart tells me that something bad might happen here



Ria stay away


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