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In Love With My Brother’s Best Friend – Episode 24

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Chapter 24



You don’t own me


I’m not just one of your many toys


You don’t own me


Don’t say I can’t go with other boys



And don’t tell me what to do


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Don’t tell me what to say


And please, when I go out with you


Don’t put me on display ’cause



You don’t own me


Don’t try to change me in any way


You don’t own me


Don’t tie me down ’cause I’d never stay



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*Thank you for keeping me informed.* I hung up.



It’s good to see someone else caring about my sister, even though she said she’s just a new girl at her school.



But she’s willing to take the risk and as for why? That reason is only known to her.



When she told me about Alexandra and Zac. I was mad.



Even though I’m still mad at them, both of them. How could they mess around behind my back and for God sake my little sister and my best friend.



I wanted to fly back to Chicago, but again I had to think it through.



I can’t be the third enemy, I know that Justin likes Alexa but Zac is better for her.



Ria won’t let her be with one of them, she’s just so selfish,I don’t know where went wrong with that girl.



And to think that Max likes her makes me want to puke. How can I let Max date her?



I thought that he was getting closer to Alexa but he was getting close to her so he can be close to Ria.



He would talk to her and ask her about Ria, and I think she knows this.



But her and Zac seriously I never saw that coming.




They are two opposite magnets. He is so different from her, I’m not judging him about his sickness, but knowing that he is sociopath and he’s dating my sister kind of freaks me out.



But what can I do, I know that if I told Zac to leave her alone he would do that, but I can’t stand to see Alexandra in that kind of situation.



She would hate me, then if this is a mistake, she will reflect on it. Right?



I thought and thought some other things are useless to thing about because at the end of the day you know what you should do. Instead of dodging the situation better to face.



Zac is mature and intelligent but he is also a human and can make mistakes and the risk of that is high.



Hmph! I will just see what happens.






“What are you thinking about?.” Beauty asked.



“I’m dating.” I said sheepishly.



“Who?!.” Ria yelled.



I rolled my eyes.



“Keep it down.” I grinned.



“Tell me I’m dying already.” Ariana jumped on me.



“Okay, okay Zac and I we are dating.” I smiled.



“But he doesn’t date.” Ria said.



“That was the past but now the present he does.” I chuckled.



“Oh really.” She arched her eyebrows.



What is she saying?



“You’re too young to date, seventeen and he’s like 23 huh a collage boy, he will get you pregnant and run away?.” She mocked.



That is mean!



“Well that would be nice to carry his baby, who will look like him, even if he runs away I will have his memoir with me, he’s flesh and blood, and I would love that child more than him, just imagine that, will be sweet right having junior Zac.”



think I’m going crazy too…



She is driving me crazy!



“Listen, I’m not your enemy, I just care about you and I don’t want you to get broken, Zac is a boy.”



Ho dare she say that.



“I know that.” I said smiling.


“You shouldn’t be hanging with guys like Zac.” She said worried.



“Well Ria I’m eighteen Zac 23 right.” I sipped my juice.



Ariana gasped.



“I’m so sorry baby, I forgot your gift, this whole week you were angry and made us scared.” Ariana pouted.



“Well I’m so solly.” I pinched her cheeks.



“Eww forget that so solly.” I cracked up.



“Ha! You are the one who used to say that, solly, I’m so solly.” I teased her.



Ariana glared at me.



“Y-you didn’t have to tell her, that is embarrassing.” She face palmed her face.



She made a crying baby face.



“Too cute so cute very cute.” Max said he was walking with Efron.



Me too I agree she’s like Ariana grande, she’s too cute so cute very cute pretty cute, cuteness lives within Ariana, my friend.



They sat on the empty chairs.



“Congratulations Alex.” Efron winked.



I rolled my eyes.



“So where are you taking us?.” Efron snatch my fries.



“To you where to do what?.” I asked confused.



“To celebrate, right?, you’re eighteen.”



“That’s me who decides for her.” I heard Zac’s unique voice.



I was about to turn back, when warm hands cover my eyes.






“Zac that is you.” I said sheepishly.



“Okay right, you’re not that dumb.” He sat besides me.



I could feel everyone’s gaze on us.



I clear my voice.



“Zac will decide.” I sip my juice.



“Does your brother know?.” Ria asked.



“It is her brother how come she doesn’t know, and I’m sure he accepted it.” Beauty smiled at me.



I nodded grateful.



“So when the interrogation stops, when can talk about the party tonight at club 60.” Zac said and I gasped.



I thought… Never mind.



I don’t tell you what to say


I don’t tell you what to do


So just let me be myself


That’s all I ask of you



I’m young, and I love to be young


I’m free, and I love to be free


To live my life the way I want


To say and do whatever I please




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