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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 20

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Chapter 20
That is embarrassing, I looked away.
Happy Birthday, Alexa babe he jumped in the water.
What the heck! Today I’m turning 18.
And hey wait! Who wishes to someone like that.
“Come on Alexa!.” He yelled.
I folded my arms on my chest.
“No, I’m not how can you wish on someone like that.” I pretended to be angry.
“You can’t say Happy Birthday, Alexa then you did in the water, come out.” I walked and sat on the rock.
“I’m sorry okay, you don’t want a gift.” Fine, he dived deeper.
A gift!
“Oh, I’m coming!.” He doesn’t know anything.
I can’t jump in there with my clothes on.
I puffed my cheeks, I took off my shirt.
“Are you going to jump here with your clothes on?.” He grinned.
Such a dummy. Aargh!
“Fine look away.”
seriously if he told me that we are coming to shower waters. I would have worn something else.
“Y-you did this on purpose.” I frowned.
He chuckled. And nodded.
“Fool, y-you!.” I yelled.
“Sorry now come in.”
“Just look away.” He cracked up.
“What’s the to hide when all is mine.” He grinned.
“Pervert!.” I stomped my feet.
“Okay okay.” He turned.
I pulled down my skinny jeans and put away my flip flops far way from the water.
Gosh! Do I have to remove my panties and bra? Zac you’re dead.
I took them off.
And there I stood na.ked.
My heartbeat drummed in my chest
Badum! Badum!…
I walked inside the water and I let my long ark hair cover my breast.
I stood behind him na.ked feeling unsure.
I touched his shoulder.
And he turned. Grinning like an idiot.
Closed my eyes.
“Open your eyes, Alexa, you are beautiful.”
“Stop it.” I bit my lower lip.
And opened my eyes slowly.
We gawked at each and burst into laughter.
“Why don’t you move your hair at your back.” He teased.
“Y-you are a pervert!.” I yelled.
He chuckled.
“Only for you.” He winked.
“Kiss me.” He said.
“No!.” I winked at him.
“I will touch, your na.ked butt.” He smirked.
“You..” I was dumbfounded.
I pecked his cheek.
“Alexa that was a baby kiss.” He beamed. I regret why I decided to get in the water. What has he done to me?
We are both na.ked but he’s taking advantage of this.
But what can I do.
He is so shameless.
“You’re shameless, where is my gift?.”
“Kiss me first.” I feel crying.
He tricked me this is bad.
I want to scream on top of my lungs.
Render More Supports To Us By Sharing Out Our Stories To Friends And Medias (TEAM TOPSTER STORIES) Our faces were only inches away. I locked my lips with his.
He groaned.
He took control and our tongues twirled.
His hand slide on my waist pulling me close to him.
I jerked immediately, feeling embarrassed. His thing touched me bringing me to my senses.
“You’re cute when you look shy?.”
I glared at him angrily.
“Alexandra August can you give me the honor to be your boyfriend.” He smiled.
I was shocked. Did I hear him well? Boyfriend and girlfriend.
This is the worst propose ever, how can he propose in this condition.
He is weird. But at least he did.
I nodded.
“Yes, I agree.” I grinned.
“Come let’s kiss.”
Ah no!.” He was about to dive into the water. He always does this.
I’m not wearing anything.
“Okay let’s kiss.”
We stayed in the water for a while and chat.
It was already dark when we left the falling waters.
Best birthday gift. Everything has changed.
I will never be the same. I can’t wait to tell Ethan.
He loves me so much, and Zac he is his best best friend.
I love him but I can’t say it now.
Hmph! But he took the first step by giving our relationship a name.
He took my hand in his.
“Look Alexa I’m not good in this boyfriend thing, but I will try my best.” He said seriously.
And I couldn’t help but smile.
Something must’ve gone wrong in my brain
Got your chemical all in my veins
Feeling all the highs, feeling all the pain
Let go on the wheel, it’s the bullet lane
Now I’m seeing red, not thinking straight
Blurring all the lines, you intoxicate me
Just like nicotine, heroin, morphine
Suddenly, I’m a fiend and you’re all I need
All I need, yeah, you’re all I need
It’s you, babe
And I’m a sucker for the way that you move, babe
And I could try to run, but it would be useless
You’re to blame
Just one hit of you, I knew I’ll never be the same

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