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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 2

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My brother’s Rolls-Royce drives in.
He is such a spoilt brat.
He gets off the car with his other two friends, Zac and Efron.
And call other guys to take out alcohol from the car.
Ethan walks towards us.
“I better go.” I said softly.
“Max what are you doing with my little sister!.” Ethan yelled.
“Uh, just chatting.” Max said coolly.
And i shake my head as i stood up.
“We are just chatting, nothing more.” I said defensively because i know my brother.
He always think things out of his dummy head.
“I’m leaving, he was just keeping me company uhm, because I am bored and still waiting for my friends.” I smile faintly.
And i rush in the house, before he questions more.
On my way to the house i collide with something hard and my forehead hurts.
I look up and the grey eyes stares deep in to mine.
“Austin.” I breath out. And i look if my brother saw us.
“Alex.” He smiles and take my hand. Makes his way to the kitchen.
“What are you doing.” I jerk my hand from his.
“Why are you avoiding me.” He looks deep inside in my eyes.
“No! I’m not and why should i?.” I said in a rush.
“Did i do something wrong?.” He takes two steps close to me and i step back.
“No, you didn’t.” Austin he is just super duper.
“Can i leave now!.” I breath out.
“Where are you rushing too, it’s not you’re waiting for a train or something.” He said in mockery way.
He is such a jerk and i hate that.
“It’s none of your business.” I turn and walk away from him.
I spot Zac walking out from my brothers room which is across mine. Why do i see my brother’s friends today?
My hands began to sweat and i feel nervous, i mean who wouldn’t. Zac Blaze he is just so handsome, beautiful, cute, manly, gosh! he is just everything his muscular body 1st handsome guy in the world.
You get me.
“Hey pretty.” He jerk me out from my thoughts.
“H-hi.” I stutter, why am i stuttering.
“You okay?.” His blue grey ocean eyes stare at my green eyes.
I nod, “yes.”
“Okay, what are you doing here alone?.”
“Xandra baby.” Ariana and Ria yelled running towards me.
What’s up with them, they act like kids?
“Okay I’m leaving your friends are here.” He palm my hand in his. His hand is warm but i jerk as i feel unfamiliar things running through my body.
“See you later.” He smiles and walks away.
“Holly molly.” Ria jumps on my bed.
“What Ria?.” i take out our schedule.
“Did you just talk with Zac?.” I roll my eyes, such a drama queen.
“Yes i did.” I sit besides Ariana, it’s not the first time i talk with Zac. Yeah we just say greetings that’s all. I understand Ria why she is acting like this.
“What did he say?.” She pat my shoulder.
“Nothing much just greetings as always.” I feel little uncomfortable. Why didn’t i tell her the truth?
“Really,That’s all?.” She looks at me, as if I’m hiding something.
“Uh yes, now lets stop talking about this.” I try to change the topic because i feel little guilty.
“I chatted with Max, Ria I think he likes you, he’s cool and collected unlike someone i know.” I spill out.
Well Zac i think he got issues he is just complicated, Austin too arrogant he thinks the world revolves around him and Efron he is the same as Austin a total Jerk with a beautiful body and face.
“And Austin he was being a jerk that he is.”
“Really, you spoke with Austin.” Arian smiles sheepishly. I feel sorry for her.
she is a goner heads over hills in love, did i say it right? Never mind.
And we all keep quiet and my mind drifts to Zac, why is he so complicated he is like a puzzle a jigsaw puzzle that’s hard to solve.

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