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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 12

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Chapter 12
It was already dusk
Zac and I held a tray of dishes that I prepared, couldn’t risk it.
Having Zac cooking for us.
We walked to my room.
I’m sure that when Ricky wakes up he’ll be hungry.
I placed the food beside the table.
And Zac helped Ricky to sit up.
“How are you feeling?.” He is so pale.
“Okay.” He replied.
“Ricky, I prepared your favorite come, eat up, okay?.”
He nodded.
While I feed Ricky, Zac also decided to eat.
Ricky can’t eat heavy food I just made soup for him.
Once he was done, he drank milk.
“I will help you clean up.” I teased.
Ricky spilled milk from his mouth.
While Zac chokes on food.
“Hey, what’s up with you guys,” I asked.
“Are you sure?.” Ricky said.
“Well, I saw everything so what’s there to hide?.” I chuckled.
“When?.” Zac asked baffled.
“When we were kids.” I winked at Ricky.
Ricky and Zac both snorted.
“Thank God.” Ricky held his chest.
And Zac throws a pillow at me.
“You want to give me a heart attack,” I smirked.
Ricky laughed.
“Aw! Aw! It’s hurting stop making me laugh it hurts.” Ricky stifles his laugh.
“Ahh sorry.” But we couldn’t hold it we all laugh.
“If these stitches open up, you guys will be held responsible.” Ricky chokes with laughter.
“Oh-oh sorry no more.” I dragged Zac outside the room.
And burst with laughter.
The atmosphere in the house was very pleasing.
“I will go and help him,” I said.
Zac gripped my hand.
“Stop it, I will do it.” He chuckled and went inside.
Ricky today will smell like a girl because all the shampoos are meant for girls.
I chuckle at thought of it.
Uh-ah I will tease him today and make him feel better.
I went into my room.
I think we should watch a movie or something. Or else we will die of boredom.
After a while, Ricky and Zac came out. He was wearing a bathrobe.
I should just get one of my brother’s pajamas
As for Zac, he will sort himself out. Ethan’s clothes will fit him but he a little bit muscular.
Zac went to my brother’s room to wash up, while I did the same.
I came out from the bathroom wearing while silky pajamas and it compliments with my fair skin.
I sat on the bed and picked up the remote.
“What movie do you prefer?.” I turned on the medium plasma tv on the wall.
Every room has a plasma tv.
“Truth or dare.” He smirked.
“What’s that.” I tilted my head.
“A movie, a very cool movie.” He chuckled.
I nodded and bought it from the box office because I don’t have it.
I was so engrossed in it, that I didn’t see Zac coming in.
I only felt the bed sink. Ricky was between us.
This movie is scary.
I will no longer play truth or dare with strangers.
This game followed them home.
“When that Sam or whatever he is when he approached that girl I thought he was cute,” I yelled frustrated.
When one of the girls was dared to climb on the roof while drinking and circle it, I covered my face.
“Did she fall?.” No one answered.
“Just open your eyes, I don’t see anything scary,” Zac said.
Is he kidding me?
I glanced at Ricky he was fast asleep.
Poor boy
The movie came to an end.
“I will no longer play truth or dare.” I puffed my cheeks.
“Do you believe that.” He scoffed.
“Do you have any emotions in you?.” I could see that he was taken aback with this question.
“No, I don’t.” I nodded.
“I will sleep in the guest room, I’m afraid if I sleep on the same bed, he will wake up with new bruises.
He looked at me with a questioning look.
“I play karate.” I laughed it out, so embarrassing.
“So are you Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee or Jet Li?.”
I feel like hitting me, why is he making fun of me.
I huffed and walked out of the room.
I heard him laugh.
And a smile crept on my lips.

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