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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 11

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Lemme clear some stuff
Ethan’s friends, Zac, Max are in college.
Austin and Efron are still in school. Same age as Alex.
Then Ricky and Ariana are Alexandra’s childhood friends from pre-school.
So Austin came to know Ricky from basketball, therefore, they are friends.
So Zac, Ethan, and Max are basketball Champions. So they are coaching in Alexandra’s school, which was their Ex-school and that’s where they came to know Austin and Efron.
“Is it because of the kiss?.” I snapped.
He just knows how to make me angry, how can he avoids me like that.
We kissed and enjoyed it, even though he didn’t say it himself but I know.
He should just stop acting like a scumbag.
“Look, Alexa, you’re too young, me and you, we can’t work okay.” He said seriously.
Ouch! That really hurts. But I won’t give up that easily I’m persistent.
“I don’t care when two people like each other things don’t matter, I just want to be with you,” I whined.
He snorted.
“Alexa, I don’t like you, how can I like a seventeen-year-old baby.” He mocked.
Am I a baby, how dare he say that.
How am I, baby?
“Look I like you as a friend, and what were you thinking, of course, I can’t like, like you.” Change of strategy.
He turned cold very cold and looked annoyed.
He muttered something like “you all the same.” And walked out of the kitchen.
Did I say something wrong?
Why is he angry?
I ran up to him.
“Zac wait for me!.” But he took wide strides as if he is running away from me.
“Hey, Zac.” He entered the guestroom and close the door right in front of my face.
I could feel myself boiling with anger.
I stomp my feet angrily.
How dare he closes the door on my face.
In my house.
“Hey, open the door, this is my room, open up!.” I banged the door.
“Open open this-this is my house.” I gritted my teeth and clenched my hands in a fist.
Cool down, oh my what did i just say, I’m dead he will kill me for sure.
Why do i have such a bad luck.
“Okay, li_.” I was cut off, suddenly the door was opened wide.
That was a lot of energy.
I walked inside. He stood staring outside through the big window.
I closed the door.
And took baby steps. He is angry I could feel it.
Why did I upset him?
“Listen, I didn’t mean to say all those things.” I took a breath.
“I’m sorry Zac, I was just angry, It’s no excuse.” I faced the floor.
I could feel myself tearing up. I look upward pushing the tears from falling and if worked.
I don’t want to look like a baby.
He kept quiet, is he even listening?
“I was wrong, I just wanted to be friends with you, because I-i want to, you’re too good.” I stood behind him.
When he turned he bumped into me.
And my head hit his hard chest.
“Ouch! Does it have to hurt.” I whined.
And he broke into a laughter
Wow! His melodious laugh makes me stare.
He looks super handsome very handsome so so beautiful.
Well I have heard him laugh with my brother but for the first time he laughed because of me.
“Why did you move to close such a baby.” He said.
And I pout.
“Your baby,” I said and he laughed again.
Hey was that a joke, no!
“What’s funny,” I asked.
He shook his head.
“Come let’s go to the kitchen.” He said.
“Food poisoning, no, leave it I can cook.” I teased.
“Hey! I know how to cook.” He feigned hurt.
It’s so easy maybe not that easy
Maybe because my brother or something else.
He is now talking and laughing.
But why or how i don’t know
He is moody like pregnant women.
Alexandra stop your dirty thoughts, if he hears that you’re dead.
“Like last time and you ordered pizza you cheated.” I chuckled.
“Well that time.” He scratched his head.
“never mind.” I smile, he doesn’t lie or even to find excuses.
Wait a minute does this mean he doesn’t like me?
Shut up Alexa
He does!
Yesss! He does!

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