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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 10

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Chapter 10
The car halt, I got off the car and walked to the back seat to help Ricky.
When I opened the door, he was asleep his lips are pale and his face in a deep frown.
I couldn’t take Ricky to his home, because of his grandmother will die with worry.
“Leave it I will help him out.” Zac startled me.
I moved away and Zac picked him up with bridal style.
Wow! He is super strong.
We got inside the house and laid him in my room.
So I would be able to take care of him.
“It’s not a deep wound just a cut.” Zac rubbed his nose.
“Hm, I hope he gets well soon.” “I don’t know he is so stubborn he doesn’t want to go to the hospital.” I complained.
Zac stood there with his cold aura.
I thought he would say something comforting like “Don’t worry he will be fine.” Or something else.
Sometimes i wonder if he is human.
I chew my inside cheek.
We both keep quiet and i listened to Ricky’s steady breathe.
Suddenly my phone rang. I rushed out.
*Hi, brother.” I tried to keep voice low as possible.
*I’m sorry that i didn’t tell you about my departure.* he said sincerely. *It’s okay, how is Japan.* i miss the green leaf there, best tea ever. *Okay, so how is Ricky?.*
*Ricky is doing fine.* It pained me to see Ricky in that condition.
*I will be back soon, Zac will stay with you *
*yeah brother take your time work is important.* i grinned.
*well take care and don’t cause trouble for Zac.”
*i dare not.* i said.
*okay bye.* he hang up.
I felt movement in the kitchen.
I already know who it is.
Since the kiss we shared he has been avoiding me.
Am i not good looking enough.
I entered inside the kitchen only to find Zac chopping onion, his teary eyes shone with an unfathomable look.
I snatched the onion in his hand.
“Zac, you should have put them in the water for a while then to kill yourself.” I gasped at what i just.
What rubbish did i just spout now.
Seeing him avoiding me it hurt.
“Did i do something wrong to you, ?.” He shook his head.
“No, you didn’t.” I felt annoyed
“Is it because of the kiss?.” I snapped.

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