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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 1

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3 p.m
Music was blasting so loud from the Speakers. It’s a house Summer party. The pool is full.
Well I’m just glad that everyone is outside and i can have my own privacy. Even though all bedrooms in the house are sound proofed.
But I’m bored here, everyone is having fun outside and here i am with the pile of books.
I’m such a bookworm and i suck at everything. I’m just a definition of “mess”
My big brother Ethan threw a pool party, mom and dad are not at home as always. So we kind of do as we please cool right?
But not always, because i feel like I’m in prison arrghh! I want to escape from here before i die it’s suffocating.
I got off the bed and wear black sleepers and walk downstairs.
When i step outside the sunlight blinds me.
Wow so cool! It’s so lively here, the beats are just wow. But to much mess.
Ethan and his bunch of friends will have to clean all these mess.
“Hey! Alex.” Max walks towards me.
He is one of Ethan’s friends.
All his friends are super hot, basketball players gosh! Sometimes i envy my brother he has such cool play boy friends.
Well i just have Ria and Ariana, Ria she is cool and i wonder why is she still hanging out with us.
“Hey, Max.” I yell with enthusiasm but i fail. I’m such a duff.
“What’s up.” He yelles because music is so loud.
“Nothing just taking a look.” I yell back.
“Want some punch.” He asked.
“No, I’m fine.” My eyes search for Ethan but i can’t see him but they land on Austin. He is so hot, most handsome guy in my brother friend list. I can’t help it.
And I’m stuck, i can’t look away. Max trail my sight and his eyes lands where exactly I’m staring.
“He is such a dork.” Max laughs.
What is he talking about? Oh James who is behind Austin he jumps in the pool and splash everyone there with water and they yell at him.
What a funny scene.
“Yeah he is.” I also laugh.
“Have you seen Ethan?.” I watch James who is about to get beaten by a bunch of girls.
“No, i think he might have gone to get more booze.” Max said.
I nod, ” okay, i will just go back inside.” I walk inside but a hand grip my wrist.
I look up to see Max with a lopsided smile.
Why does he have to be so beautiful, i blink twice? His dark brown eyes stare in my green eyes.
I clear my throat before things get awkward.
“Can’t you stay out for a while.” He pleads.
“Uh, what will i do here.” I smile.
“Just stay with me.” He says.
I look around before my eyes lock with Austin’s grey eyes. And my breath hitch.
He smiles at me and i look away.
“Okay.” I walk to the bench under the tree little away from the crowd. And we sit there not saying a word for a while.
“Where are your friends?” He takes a sip of his punch.
“On their way here i think.” The party has thirty minutes since it has started and it will end at six.
“Hope so.” He takes another sip.
“You and your other friends will clean this whole mess.” I smile at him.
He stares at me for a while.
“Yes ma’am.” He laughs and i join in.
why are you not with others?” I pick at my nails. “I’m just waiting for booze.” He let out a light laugh. Max loves to drink.
“It will kill you.” I say staring at him. “I know right.” And i smile.
My brother Rolls-Royce drives in. He is such a spoilt brat.

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