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In Love With A Prostitute – Episode 9

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Episode 9
David came back to the hospital three hours later bearing provision and fruits for the lady. When he got there he saw an old woman who he presume to be the lady’s mother seated beside her. He greeted her as he came in.
“Mom this is the young man I was talking about. He brought me here and took care of the hospital bills” Omolara said.
“Oh you are the good Samaritan. Thank you very much Mr, may God bless you. ” the old woman almost knelt down in appreciation.
“There is really no need thanking me, I only did what I thought was right. Madam please help me manage this. ” He said dropping the polythene bag containing the provisions on the table.
“You shouldn’t have bothered buying these, thank you so much. ” she replied.
“So how are you feeling now?” he inquired.
“Am fine now, the doctor said I can leave anytime. We were planning on leaving when you came in .”
“So if I hadn’t come early, you would have left without my knowledge? Well lucky me, am here now. I will drive you home.” He said.
“I don’t think that would be necessary sir, you have really done enough… ” She couldn’t finish her sentence before her mother jumped in. “We would very much appreciate it sir. ” the old woman said.
Don Carlos woke up in midst of two na.ked ladies to the incessant ringing of his phone. He groped for it on the table and eventually got hold of it. He checked the caller ID and discovered it was Senator. He quickly picked it up. “Good morning my senator. ” He greeted.
“I don’t need your greetings traitor. Despite all I did for you, is this how to repay me? ” replied an angry voice on phone.
“Wait senator, what are you talking about?” Don Carlos demanded.
“That evil girl you sent to kill me failed. Expect my vengeance very soon. ” the voice said.
But Senator I really can’t understand all what you are saying, please elaborate.” Carlos said in confusion but he couldn’t hear a reply because the call had ended. “What the hell is happening? ” He said as he dialed Cherry’s number.
David was talking with Omolara over plates of rice before them. Although he had humbly declined the food but the woman’s insistence forced him to accept. “Thanks so much for what you did Mr David, I really can’t thank you enough.” Omolara said.
“You shouldn’t be thanking me, in fact I should be the one apologizing. I knocked you down. ” He confessed.
“I understand, but you could have drove off. ” She said. “Well I just wouldn’t be able to forgive myself If I had.”
“So Mr David, what do you do for a living? ” She asked in a bid to change the topic.
“I just came back from Florida. I schooled there. ” He replied.
“Whao that’s great. How was… ” She was about to ask another question when her phone rang. Her heart almost jump out of her mouth when she realized the call was from her boss Don Carlos.

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