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In Love With A Prostitute – Episode 7

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Episode 7


At first it was moaning but when the pain got so excruciating, it turned into weeping. Senator Okafor on the other hand was indifferent to her cries. The tears on her face only motivated him to strike much harder. When Omolara knew the torture wasn’t going to stop, she disengaged her body from his and ran to a far corner of the room.


Okafor went to her with his erected cock.


“Please sir am tired, I can’t do this anymore.” She begged.


The Senator landed a slap on her face.


“You have no right to tell me you are tired? I paid handsomely for your service and am going to make sure I get my satisfaction. ” He blurted as he yanked her hard on the marble floor. He tried to get hold of her again but she escaped again.


Senator Okafor’s eyes were burning with desire. He moved to where Omolara lay crying and breathing heavily. He hit her severally with his palm and afterwards dragged her all the way to bed. He flipped her over and attempted to penetrate into her back again but she turned around and gave him a terrible bite on the shoulder. Okafor went berserk and forced his hand on her throat in an attempt to strangle her. Lara struggled for breath as life was being choked out of her. Her hand found a bottle of wine on the table. She managed to grabbed and smashed it on her assailant who dropped down unconsciously at the impact of the bottle. Seeing this, she quickly got dressed, picked her bag and ran out. When the receptionist saw the way she ran, he called her but she didn’t stop. He had to send the security after her. Omolara ran all the way out of the hotel to the main road. She was trying to catch her breath when an in coming car suddenly ran into her.


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David had locked himself up the moment they came back from church. His mom tried all she could to get him to open the door and talk to her but he didn’t. Later



when Pastor Charles came home, his wife told him about their son and begged him to go talk to David. He bluntly refused and told her to leave David to himself.


A few hours later David came out and met everyone at the dinning table. His mother who was so happy to see him ushered him to take a seat and eat. David watched as he was being serve his food.


“I see you have lost your courtesy along with your confidence. ” Pastor Charles said.Render More Supports To Us By Sharing Out Our Stories To Friends And Medias STORY CENTRAL(SC) TELEGRAM


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“Hahaa dear, let him be. ” His wife said.


“No I won’t, this boy is a great disappointment. ” He said.


“Perhaps if you had left me with my life in Florida I wouldn’t be such a disappointment .” David replied angrily.


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Did you just raised your voice at me? ” Pastor Charles asked in surprise. “Darling please calm down. ” His wife responded.


“This is all my fault. If I hadn’t sent you to study abroad you wouldn’t have cultivated this habit of insolent. Now let me tell you something, I will not longer condole your lackadaisical attitude towards the church . ”


“I think I have had my fill, thanks for the dinner mom. ” David rose up and left the dinning table.


“Come back here David, don’t you dare walk out on me. ” Pastor Charles called angrily but David turned deaf ear. He picked up his car key and left the house. David’s thought wavered as he drove to no destination. He blamed himself for accepting to come back to Nigeria. Over there he had a good life and a promising career. He threw all that away just to obey his parent but right now he wasn’t sure if he would be able to bear the responsibility being placed on him. He was so lost in thought that he couldn’t control the car when it headed for a lady standing right in the middle of the road.

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