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In Love With A Prostitute – Episode 5

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Episode 5


A taxi pulled over opposite Clony fashion designing shop. Omolara alighted from the taxi, paid the driver and entered the shop. Inside, there were over fifty workers with each using his or her sewing machine to sew in different styles. She greeted quite a number of them before proceeding to the secretary to sign herself in. “Morning Cindy ” She greeted.


“Oh Lara, it’s half past twelve already. ” the secretary replied jokingly. “Sorry, haven’t got the luxury of a wrist watch yet.” She


said as she wrote down her name on the register along with her signature.


“Lest I forget, the boss said you should come see her whenever you are around.” The secretary said.


“Hope there isn’t any problem? ” Omolara who was alarmed by the message asked.


“I think there is just one way to find out. ” The secretary replied.


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“OK thanks ” She said before heading to her boss’ office.


Omolara opened the door and found her boss : a sophisticated looking woman in her late thirties working on her laptop. The woman shifted her attention from the laptop to the figure standing before her. Omolara almost froze with the look on her boss’ face.


“Good afternoon ma ” she greeted in awe.


“Did you just resume for the day ? ”


“No ooo Yeees”


“What time is it now? ” Her boss asked angrily.


“Am so sorry ma ” She apologized.


“I don’t need your apology Lara, I need you to take your work serious. You are one of our best designers and your junior colleagues look up to you. What example are you trying to make? ” Omolara remained still as a statue while she was being reprimanded.


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“If this happens again I won’t hesitate to fire you. Now get out of my face” She


barked and Omolara left the office.




Pastor Charles and his wife were both seated at the balcony of their house enjoying the cool evening breeze. David came out of the house, making his way towards them.


“Good evening Mom, Dad.” He greeted.


“Oh David, I thought you went out ” His father said.


“No I was busy in my room sir” He brought out the diary in his pocket.


“Are you through with it? ” Her mom asked recognizing the diary.


Yes ma, Dad this is what I came up with for the sermon.” He handed the diary over to his father.


“Ok you will have it back before dinner. ” Pastor Charles said. “No problem sir.” David left the couple alone.


“I do not approve of you pushing the boy but I must admit it’s bringing out the best in him.” His wife said.


“Sometimes we all need a little push to perform excellently. I know my boy is destined for great things. ”


“Of course he is.” His wife replied.




Omolara came back home that evening heavily tired. She only managed to put something into her stomach before she hit the bed and surrendered herself totally to the god of slumber. A few hours later her phone started ringing with Don Carlos as the caller’s identity but she had wandered too deep into the dream land to be pulled out by the call.


Omolara lazily opened up her eyes. She sat up and gazed at the wall clock. To her disbelief the time was ten minutes past four.


“What? This clock must have been faulty, I had only slept for an hour.” She thought as she picked up her phone. She checked the time on it and was flabbergasted to realize that it was the same as the wall clock. She checked her missed call and saw that she had missed six calls from Don Carlos.


“Oh my God! Am in trouble.” She exclaimed.



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