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In Love With A Prostitute – Episode 31

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Episode 31




Omolara swept the church with so much agility and dedication early Saturday morning. Even as other members of the sanitary department threw her stigmazing look she wasn’t bothered. It’s been four months since she had joined the church and during those times she has passed through a lot. If not for the grace of God and the constant teaching she received from Pastor Charles and other Pastors, she might have gone back to the her former world.


After the incident of David’s attack, she hadn’t been herself. Although she made sure Don Carlos pay for his crimes by publishing his secret in one of the country’s popular dailies. Arrests were made by the law enforcement agencies and a whole lot of dignitaries were put behind bars. Don Carlos promised to get back at her immediately he gets out of prison but she knew it was an empty promise. She thought she had satisfied her conscience but there still lies an emptiness inside her. Pastor Charles persuaded her to amend her ways and follow the lord. She did, joined a unit in the church and has been an active member ever since



When she was through with what she was doing, she knelt and whispered her supplications to the God. While doing this she suddenly heard her name being called by one of her unit member.


Sister Omolara !!!! Sister Omolara !!!!” the lady called. Omolara opened her eyes and saw the lady who called her. “Am here sister Tosin, what is the matter?” She demanded.


“Daddy called me and said you should meet her at the hospital now.” Sister Tosin replied and Omolara immediately got up and proceeded to the hospital.

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Fear dominated Omolara’s mind as she took a cab to convey her to the hospital. Last week the doctors had advised Pastor and his family to let go of there hope. She had been briefed about it but she kicked viciously against the idea. To her, every single inch of hope available is worth clinging to. She had been observing a seven days fasting and prayer to avert the doctor’s suggestion but now that her presence was urgently required at the hospital, she knew it was inevitable. Render More Supports To Us By Sharing Out Our Stories To Friends And Medias (TEAM TOPSTER STORIES)


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Hot tears dropped from her face but she quickly clean it off. The taxi pulled over in front of the hospital,she alighted and walked into the hospital. At the entrance of the room she thought she heard voices, one of the voices was identical to the one she had been hoping to hear again for the past four months but she dare not raise her hope. When the door opened, she was taken aback by what she saw. On the hospital bed sat David who had been in a coma for months now alive, being fed by his mother.


“Omolara !!!” David called and she went ahead to through herself at him. “Glory be to God in the heavens.” She said joyfully.


“Lara you have changed, what happened to you.” David said referring to her look as well as her faith.


“David, Omolara gave her life to Christ after what happened to you.” Mrs Amandi replied.


“But what about Don Carlos?” David asked.


“God washed him off as he did to the Pharaoh’s army.” Omolara answered. It took David weeks to be able to walk comfortably but Omolara was always around to help him. It was like a dream to Lara when one fateful day David proposed to her. Although his parent raised no objection to their marriage but the church council insisted that it won’t look good on the church to have the general overseer’s son get married to an ex-harlot. Being denied his love, David took his

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lover abroad, married her and fulfilled his dream of becoming a motivational writer. They produced a set of twins after being married for a year.


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