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In Love With A Prostitute – Episode 30

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Episode 30




When Lara came home later that morning, her mom tried to talk to her about David but she didn’t listen. She simply walked into her room. Few hours later she came out fully dressed and went out again.


The bike she boarded took her to the market where she went to buy things she would be needing for her travelling. Don had said she must get all her things ready and leave home the following morning to meet the man she would be working for. Although she didn’t fully trust Don but she knew she had no choice than to accept. Telling her mother would be the most difficult thing to do. She should have told her the moment she came back from work but she just didn’t know how to say it to her.


Since the journey wasn’t supposed to take more than a week according to her calculation, she made up her mind to tell her mother that she was going on a business trip with her boss to Abuja. She was sure her mom was going to believe it.


Soon, she was through with what she was buying and was intending to go home when she saw a blind old woman begging for alms by the road side. This made her



remember her late friend’s mother. She suddenly felt the need to go check up on her so she procured a few provision and took a taxi to her house.

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Lara gently tapped the door to the old woman’s house and she heard the woman’s voice inviting her to come in. She opened the door and met the woman having lunch.


“Hello Omolara, come join me. ” The woman said.


“How do you know am the one ma? ” Lara asked.


“I lost my sight but my nose works pretty well. Your friend came here yesterday. ” She said.


“Who? ” Lara asked.


“The one you brought with you the other day. Didn’t he tell you anything? ” The woman asked.


“I haven’t seen him for a few days. ” Lara answered.


“I gave him something precious and he promised to help me get justice for my daughter.”

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“What did you give him? ” Lara asked.


“Just find him, he will tell you. ” The woman replied.


Lara’s mind kept trying to guess what the old woman might have given David. She quickly present the provisions she bought to the old woman before she left for her home.


When she got home she asked her mother what David said when he came looking for her and she delivered his message to her. Immediately, Omolara brought out her phone and dialed David’s number but he didn’t pick up.


The Amandi’s family were on the dinning table having dinner. Pastor Charles had just came home from a conference in Kenya.


“Darling how was the conference? ” Mrs Amandi asked.


“We thank God. Holy Spirit really ministered to a whole bunch of people. ” He replied.


“Glory be to God. ” Mrs Amandi said.


“David how have you been? ” He asked


“Am fine sir. ” David replied absent minded. What was going through his mind was how he would use the file to nail Don.


“Have you decided when you are going back to the U.S yet?” Pastor Charles asked.


“What? I thought he isn’t going back anymore. ” Mrs Amandi said in surprise.


“Darling I think that’s what David really want.” Pastor Charles said.


“Is that really true David? ” She inquired.



“I will be going back but not now, I still have a… ” His sentence was cut short by the suddenly burst of the door.


Four dangerous looking guys came in with guns.


“Peace be unto this house. ” One of them said before sending series of shots into the ceiling.


Lie flat on the ground. ” Another commanded and the three Amandi’s obeyed. “You get up. ” Their leader said training his gun on David’s head as he rose up. “Now tell me, where is the flash drive? ” The leader asked changing the direction of his gun to David’s mother.


“Please don’t hurt anyone, I will give it to you. It’s inside my room.” David begged. Their leader followed David in while he instructed the rest to watch over the couples. Once inside the room, David brought out the flash drive from where he had kept it and handed it over to the man.


“Thanks so much Mr David. ” The man said before shooting David in the chest. The couples were scared when they heard the gun shot but they dare not do anything. The leader of the hoodlums came out and later left the house with his gang. Immediately they were gone, the couples rushed inside and met their son in a pool of blood.


On the dinning table, David’s phone started ringing with Omolara as the caller but no one could pick it up.

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