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In Love With A Prostitute – Episode 29

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Episode 29


David kept thinking about the secret he discovered all night.


How could someone highly respected in the church be involve in such a nasty act?” He thought.


No one would have ever thought that Elder Dennis who was a very important member of the church council who determine how the church is being run could be found in such a place. David had heard a story of how he championed the decision to remove a junior pastor who was accused of having an affair with a member of the choir.


“If he could make others answer for their crime, he too must be made accountable for his sin. ” David thought and with this he made up his mind to pay Elder Dennis a visit the next day.


He picked up his phone to dial Omolara’s number but he remembered that she must be at work and won’t be able to pick up even if she want to. He couldn’t ignore the fact that his she might be in danger and not being able to reach her troubled him. The next morning, Mrs Amandi watched her son getting dress as if going to an important event.


“Going somewhere Mr David? ” She asked.


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“Good morning mom. How was your night? ” He greeted.


“I thought your father said you are not allowed to leave this house after the mess you caused? ” She asked


“Mom, you should understand that I can’t just sit here all day doing nothing.” He replied.


“Where exactly are you going? I hope you aren’t going to that prostitute again?” “She is not a prostitute, she is just a victim of circumstances and she needs my help now more than ever. ” He explained.


“What ever? But before taking any rash decision just remember your father’s ministry is at stake. ” She warned.


“I understand. Bye mom. ” He said before leaving the house.



He decided to branch at Omolara’s house to check if he would see her coincidentally. He got there and as always met her mom. He asked of her and he was told she wasn’t yet back from work. But as he was about leaving, the woman called him back.


“David, please sit down. ” She said and he obeyed.

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“What happened between you and Omolara? ” She asked.


“I don’t know what you are talking about ma. ” He said.


“Come on David, it’s obvious that you guys have a misunderstanding. What caused the rift between you two? ” She asked again.


David was short of words to say, he was contemplating on either to tell the truth or protect his friend’s dignity.


“Mom it’s true, I really offended her and she has been avoiding me because of it. I know I wronged her but all I want now is for her to just hear me out. ” He lied. “It’s alright, when she is back I will talk to her and am sure she is going to forgive you.” She promised.


“Please help me tell her that if she would grant me an audience, I will give her the key to unlock her world. ” David said before he excused himself to leave.


David later found himself inside the well furnished and decorated office of Elder Dennis . As soon as Dennis saw him, he welcomed him with smiling face and offered him a seat.


“David, David to what do I owe the pleasure of seeing you in my office? ” Chief Dennis asked.


“I was just passing by and I thought I should pay you a visit sir. ” David replied. “That’s good, so what do I offer to such an august visitor as you? ” He asked. “Don’t bother. Actually sir, I saw something disheartening which I thought could ridicule the church if it gets out. ” David said. “What is it? ” He demanded.


“An Elder in the church involved in immorality. Please see for yourself. ” He brought out his phone and showed him the picture. Chief Dennis was flabbergasted by what he saw.


“What is this supposed to mean? ” He asked in anger.


“Sir I know I have no right to pass any judgment on you but think about what people would say if this goes out. ” David said. “What do you want? ” He demanded.


“I don’t want anything but I think it would be so dignifying for you relinquish your position as an elder in church. ” David advised. “Young man, you must be joking. ” He said.



“Am not sir, unless you would want the church council to see it and be dishonorably sacked as an Elder. ”


“If you should try it I will make sure I… ” He didn’t finish his sentence before David interrupted.


“Am expecting to hear the news of your resignation this Sunday or else I will go for the alternative. ” David said before leaving the office.


Immediately he was gone, Chief Dennis dialed a number on his phone.


“Don so this is how you want to do it? ” He asked speaking on phone.


“What is it Chief Dennis? ” Asked the voice from phone .


“After I paid you the amount you demanded, you still went ahead to burn me with that nonsense photo of yours.” Chief Dennis said angrily.


“If this is about the picture, I didn’t do anything with it. ” He assured.


Cut the crap Don. David : my pastor’s son threatened to show it to the church council.” He complained.


“David? So he is your pastor’s son?” Don asked surprisingly. “Don if it goes out, am coming for you. ” Chief Dennis threatened. “Just relax Chief, I will take care of it. ” Don promised.


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