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In Love With A Prostitute – Episode 24

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Episode 24


After much persuasion, Omolara agreed with David to go ahead and investigate the death of her friend. Although she knew it’s dangerous but she had no choice. They choose to begin the investigation the following day by visiting Tina’s family. *


Around 1pm the next day, they both were headed to Tina’s family house. When they got there, they knocked for a few times and it was opened only after a few minutes by a blind old woman. Immediately Lara sighted the woman, she recognized her as her friend’s mother. She had been to the house with her friends a couple of times and the woman had been so nice to her.


How does she lost her sight? ” Lara asked herself. “Hello please who do you seek? ” The old woman asked.


“Am Omolara , a friend of you late daughter and am here with a friend. ” She replied.


“Oh Omolara come on in. ” She said as she opened the door widely for them to go in.


“Am so sorry, Silifa the girl who do help me has gone to the market. I would have asked her to get soft drinks for you. ” The old woman said.


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“There is no need ma. Actually I have been away for quite some time now, it was when I came back yesterday that I was informed of Tina’s demise. Please accept my sincere condolence.” Lara said.


“Thank you so much, I don’t know who I have offended so greatly that they decided to take away my daughter. ” The woman bursted into tears.


“Please stop crying ma, it isn’t good for your health. ” David said.


“But what really happened to her? ” Lara asked.


“She just went to work and never return. And the next day they found her body by the road side. We were had decided to travel down to Enugu the following morning. ” She explained with tears.


“Didn’t the police conduct any investigation about her death. ” David asked. “They said she died of drug abuse. I have never seen my daughter taken any hard drugs. How she was suddenly taking cocaine is a mystery to me. ” she said. “But mama, what happened to your eyes? ” Lara asked in curiosity.


“I lost my sight three weeks after her death. ” She replied.


“A man who claimed to be her boss came her with some hoodlums and started ransacking the whole house. ” She explained further.


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“What were they looking for? ” David asked.


“He said my daughter stole something valuable from him and he would do anything to get it back. I instantly knew he killed my daughter so I jumped on him holding his shirt and demanding to know why he had my daughter killed. His boys came at me and brutally assaulted me. I was badly beaten to the extent that I lost my sight. ” She said painfully.


“Oh am so sorry but you should have gone to the police.” She said.


“My neighbors did but the police said they couldn’t do anything since I was unable to identify my assailant.” She explained.


Omolara shook her head in pity of the old woman. Don Carlos is indeed an animal.


After staying for a few minutes later, the two declared their exist and went away.


Immediately they get outside, Lara spoke.


“So David have you seen what I mean when I said the man is dangerous? ” She said.


“I understand but that shouldn’t stop us from getting to the root of the case, we would go to the police tomorrow. ” He said.


“We are going no where tomorrow, you need to stop this madness. ” Lara argued. *


Don Carlos sat in his office listening to the conversation between Omolara and her friend.


“Sir this David guy is getting too stubborn, should we take care of him?” One of his boys asked.


No, no, no . Come on guys, he is the son of a high Bishop. Am going to give him a single warning before I pour my wrath upon him.



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