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In Love With A Prostitute – Episode 23

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Episode 23


When David got home a few minutes pa*ssed four, he tried to sleep off all what happened during the night but his mother won’t allow him to. “David where have you been all night? ” She asked with concern.


“Mom please am a little bit tired now, let’s talk later. ” He said covering himself with a blanket.


“Don’t you dare sleep when am talking to you. When did you become this rude?” She said in anger.


Am sorry mom, I really had a rough night. ” David replied. Mrs Amandi’s caught stench of cigarettes on her son’s clothes. “David have you been smoking? ” She asked surprisingly. “Am not mom.” He answered.


“Your father will hear this as soon as he is back. ” She said as she left the room angrily.


David was unperturbed by his mother’s action, he had better things to worry about.


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But first he had to sleep to clear his head.




Omolara was on her bed softly sobbing. Her pillow had been soaked with tears. “There was no way she could deny that her heart wants David and she would do anything to have him but it’s all over now. Now that he knows her secret, he is going to stay away from her and he had every right to. They are from two different worlds, they don’t belong to each other. But what if he tries to help her? No David won’t do that, since she had told him about Tina, he would know how dangerous it is.” Lara thought before she succ*mbed to slumber.


She was later woken up by the incessant ringing of her phone and she groggily picked up the call.


“Hello ” she said as she yawned.


“Did I wake you up? Am sorry. ” David said.


“It’s alright David.” She replied.


“I have a surprise for you, how about we meet for lunch? ” He asked.


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“David, I thought I explained everything to you last night. We can’t be together. ” She said. Render More Supports To Us By Sharing Out Our Stories To Friends And Medias STORY CENTRAL(SC) TELEGRAM


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“Come on, I didn’t propose to you, I only said we should meet for lunch. ” He said.


“Oh God David, why are you doing this? ” She complained.


“I will see you at our usual place by two.” He said before dropping the call.


Lara glanced at the wall clock, it’s already past twelve but she lay still in bed.


“She was supposed to cut all ties with David but what should she do when David

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refuse to let her go. ” She thought.




Lara stepped into the eatery and found her ‘Prince Charming’ already waiting for her. She walked up to him and sat opposite him.


“You are looking quite gorgeous this afternoon. ” He said.


“David, we can’t keep meeting like this. You know the risk. ” She said.


“Just calm down .” He said as he poured her a drink.


“I have two things for you. First have this. ” He brought out a package and dropped it on the table.


“David you can be… ” She didn’t finish her sentence before David jumped in. “It’s the word of God. It gives freedom.” He said and Lara opened the package to confirm.


“Lara, I want to see you free. Let’s take a step towards your freedom. ” He said.


“What do you mean? ” She asked.


“What if we are able to prove that your boss killed Tina? He would be convicted and you all will be free. ” He said.


“What? We can’t do that David, you have no idea how dangerous this man is. ” She said.


“Lara do you know that fear is the most dangerous prison? You need to free yourself from this fear of your boss. Let’s take a leap of faith. ” He persuaded.


“I made a very big mistake telling you about Tina. David you need to realize that you are a pastor’s son not a detective, you can’t get involve in things like this. ” She warned.


“I will become anything just to see you free Lara. ” He said.



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