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In Love With A Prostitute – Episode 21

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Episode 21



Omolara knew she had resumed rather too late so she took caution as she


proceeded into the dressing room. Inside, she met two of her colleagues already


getting ready for the show.


“Hello Ladies. ” Lara greeted.


“Why did you have to come late Cherry? ” one of them said .


“Am sorry, hope Don hasn’t ask of me? ” Lara asked.

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“You are lucky he hasn’t got the time to stroll in here. ” Another Lady replied. “Let’s get to the show started. ” Lara said as she finished her preparation for the show.


The three ladies posed in styles as the stage was about to be opened. When the stage was eventually opened, the audience shouted with joy as they saw three sexy looking ladies on stage. When the music started, the ladies went about adroitly displaying their skill with the pole to the delightment of their audience. Omolara brightened up her face with smile as she danced around the pole in a red pant. David never believe what his eyes was seeing, he had to push through crowds to get to the front where he could see clearly. He was consumed completely with anger when he realized it was indeed the lady he desired to walk down the aisle



who was dancing shamelessly around a pole. He wanted to jump on the stage and drag her out of the insanity but he restrained himself.

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As Omolara was going about her job, she was shocked when her eyes suddenly fell on a figure resembling David standing at the front, watching her.


“How could this be? What is David doing here? ” She asked herself as she continued her job. She saw the anger on his face before he turned back and head towards the exit.


When the show ended, Omolara who was supposed to go see her boss and collect her pay, dashed out immediately. She was about bringing out her phone to dial David’s number when she saw his car. She went there and found him sitting quietly inside.


“David please let me …” She couldn’t finish her sentence before he shut her up.


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“Just get in. ” He said in a tone Omolara never recognize.


She entered the car and he drove silently. Words were fighting to jump out of her mouth but she knew it would be wise for her to keep quiet. Soon she discovered they were heading for the beach.


The car soon pulled over and they both alighted. She followed him as he walked gallantly ahead. He bought two soft drinks before sitting his butt on the sand. Omolara sat beside him with tears clearly visible in her eyes.


“I never enter a club until today. Back in the states I had lots of friends, they tried all means to convince me to go clubbing but I never did. ” He said offering her a can of the soft drink.


I know there is no amount of apology that could change the way you currently feel about me. I wish there could be a way I could make you understand how sorry I am for not telling you before. ” She said.


“But why? Why would you get yourself involve in such a nasty job?” He said.


“I was young when a friend took me there. I needed the money badly and there was no other means for me to sustain myself in school. ” She explained.


“But what about your parents?” He asked.


“My father died when I was young and my mom was terrible sick. I had to raise money to pay for her hospital bills and sustain myself. I had no helper.” She spoke with tears falling down her cheeks.


David made a deep sigh.


“But why don’t you leave the job? At least now you have a fashion designing job .” He said.


“I wish I could but he won’t allow me to. ” “Who? ” David asked.



“The man I work for is a very dangerous man, he is going to murder my family if I


ever try to leave..


For where


You think this story is ending here?


Not the final!


The last battle just begun!!

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