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In Love With A Prostitute – Episode 2

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Episode 2
David drove into his father’s mansion still angry at himself for what happened at the beach. He alighted and walked in only to meet his father having a meeting with the junior pastors of the church. He greeted them before walking into his room. Getting into the bedroom, he sank into the bed and started wallowing in his thoughts.
“Why was he drawn to the lady at the beach? Why must he indulge in immorality?
He had committed a great sin.” He thought as he prayed for forgiveness in his
heart. His prayer was cut short by knocks on the door. He opened it and saw his
father at the door step. Pastor Charles walked in and take a seat on the sofa while
his son returned to the bed.
“How was the day son? ”
“It was fine sir.” he replied.
“I was looking for you when the pastors came so you can also partake in the meeting but you were no where to be found. Where went you? ” his father inquired.
” I went out to see a friend. Am sorry, I should have informed you before I went. ” he lied.
“It’s alright” Pastor Charles stood up and started making his way to the door but stopped abruptly and turned back. “Lest I forget, I already told the ministers that you will be giving the sermon this Sunday ” he said.
“But Sir, am not… ” David couldn’t finish his sentence before he heard his dad slam the door shut behind him.
It’s funky Friday night inside Blossom night club. Dignitaries were seated down feeding their ears with lovely tunes coming from the D.j booth. They sip down their drinks occasionally as they watched the club’s stripper displaying their skill with a poll. Their faces were concealed behind a mask but the best part of their body was flaunted out.
“Whoa! These ladies are really wonderful.” A man said.
“You won’t know what you are missing until you have a taste of it my friend. These ladies are still amateurs, wait till the professional one comes. I can assure you that beautiful pant of yours will get wet.” his friend replied.
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The music stops and the stage light was suddenly switched off. When it was switched on seconds later, the earlier strippers had vanished replaced by just one. She strolled majestically around the stage shaking her half covered ass as she walks. The music blared out again but this time on a slow tempo.. The lone stripper slowly pulled off her jacket, threw away the hat on her head and started to skillfully twist her body to the rhythm. She jumped like a monkey to the poll and started exposing her sexy body to the audience.
The pretty lady at the beach earlier walked to the door step of an office. She knocked the door and was invited in. She opened it and walked in.
“Am set to go home now. ” she announced to a man sitting behind a desk. “Good job Cherry, but you can’t go now. A customer has paid for a private show with you.” the man replied.
“Go find someone else for the job, am so tired right now. ”
The man suddenly sprang up from his seat and launched a slap on the lady’s face. “What gave you the effrontery to talk to me in such a manner? I think you are getting too bold, I know what to do. Go right now and make my customer happy. ” he commanded and the lady left feeling disgruntled.

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